Help Kickstart The Ascendants Debut Album

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“The Ascendants are Jimmy Abegg, Steve Hindalong, Phil Madeira, Ben Pearson, and Matt Slocum.

We’ve been friends for years, and after decades of contributing to each other’s projects, all five of us wound up in a room together writing these songs. The next thing we knew, we were recording 10 songs.

Our friendship weaves through this music like a golden thread; it’s the reason for the songs we wrote, the musical choices we made, and the encouragement we hope our music gives you!

The pedigrees that we share are proof of our being fortunate sons. Jimmy A’s first solo record had Phil’s Hammond B3 all over it. Jimmy, Phil, and Ben were all part of A Ragamuffin Band at one time or another. Matt’s band Sixpence None the Richer astounded the world with “Kiss Me” a long time ago, and are still making music, often produced by Steve. Phil played organ on “Kiss Me,” and Ben shot their videos. Phil has been a part of Emmylou Harris‘ band for 15 years, but his solo projects have been enriched by each of the other Ascendants, whether it’s Ben Pearson behind a camera, Jimmy Abegg designing a cover, or Matt and Steve chiming in musically. Steve’s bands, The Choir and The Lost Dogs, have had the involvement of Matt and Phil, not to mention Jimmy behind a video camera for The Lost Dogs’ Route 66 tour.

This record, The Ascendants is a testimony to our friendship, We welcome you to join The Fellowship of the Broken.