Teeth For Eyes is a New Band Featuring Members of Crux, Empty Tomb, Cicero, Government Hate Mail, etc

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This just in from The Charon Collective: “Everybody say hello to Teeth For Eyes from Portland, OR. Playing a unique blend of hardcore punk and grunge, the four piece band will be releasing a seven song album in the coming months. A couple of the guys might look familiar to you, since guitarist Greg and drummer Mike played in well-known groups Crux and Empty Tomb. Bassist Otto is also a member of Make Knives. Singer Paul was formerly in The Veracious and Royalty Wears Thorns and is currently in Cicero and The Cancer Years. You can check out the single “Coward On The Run” right now.”

Greg was also part of Government Hate Mail that has been covered here before. The band also released a four song EP on their own earlier this month you can check out.