Nate Allen Releases a Book Called “Launching, Landing, Moving Forward”

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Launching, Landing, Moving Forward is a small book about changes in life and how to navigate difficult seasons successfully. You will find short stories and lessons learned through travel, spiritual practice, and making music. I’ve included lots of practical steps for further emotional growth and mental health, with clear bullet points and examples. We cannot avoid many of life’s difficulties, but we can learn skills to make things a little easier.

This book was written for the times before, during, or after things like:

• Surviving a catastrophic event
• Physical injury or accident
• Experiencing conflict, trauma, or the loss of security
• Starting or ending at a school or job
• Loss of support, financial or otherwise
• Times of personal growth or discovery
• Grieving the death of someone you care about
• Moving to a new city or region
• Returning after travels
• Experiencing a change in a relationship
• Having a midlife crisis
• Losing friends, community, or home
• Going through a recovery process
• Working on your mental health
• Diagnosis of a disease or illness
• Kids growing up or retiring
• Leaving or entering a defined structure”