New EP Release From J Bozeman (of Luxury, Golf Slang, Etc)

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“Dear friends,

Merry Christmas!

This is Jamey Bozeman (also known as Fr James and J Bozeman) of Luxury and Golf Slang and They Sang As They Slew and Champion Leader and seemingly many more musical entities. If you received this email it is because you are a part of one or more of those band’s mailing lists, and my hope is that you may be interested in this announcement.

I’ve been working on some new music of my own for some time now, in between sessions working on the upcoming Luxury record Like Unto Lambs which is promising to be a great album, and one which I hope you all will consider purchasing.

In the meantime, my new EP Fountain of Youth will be available on January 9th, though it is already available for presale. That is mainly what this email is about. It will be available via all the major streaming services (search for the new Fountain of Youth album on Apple Music and others) as well as on CD. And for those so inclined, it will be available on cassette and even MiniDisc (just for kicks). The latter two will have a super-super-limited release initially, so order them while you can. Depending on interest, I may make more available.

And if I may, I’d love to introduce you to my son Gabriel’s rather-experimental pop music. You can find it under the “Calico Company” moniker. He would love to share his musical experimentation with you. You can find him on all of the major streaming services, as well as his new EP on at Calico Company.

I hope and trust that you all are enjoying a bright and beautiful Christmas season! Thank you all for your support of the various musical projects that I and my brother and my friends have been a part of for these many years.

J Bozeman”