Help The Call Release a New Album of Unreleased Tracks + Remastered LPs

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“The Call (Jim Goodwin, Tom Ferrier, Scott Musick) is seeking your support to re-issue and remaster their iconic albums (Reconciled and Into the Woods) on vinyl and CD – along with a new studio album, The Lost Tapes.

The Call (Michael Been, Jim Goodwin, Tom Ferrier, Scott Musick) is possibly the most underrated band in the history of music. Adjectives that one often hears when describing The Call include “powerful”, “moving”, “indispensable”, “emotional”, “passionate”, “spiritual”, the list goes on. Some called them America’s U2.

One thing is certain, they deserved a better fate than the one dealt to them. For anyone who had the opportunity to see them perform live, the memories were unforgettable.

It’s been twenty-six (26) years since the last official studio album (To Heaven and Back) and thirteen years since lead singer, Michael Been, unfortunately passed way. It looked like that might have been the end of The Call story … but this isn’t the same ol’ story.

In 2023, the remaining band members (Tom Ferrier, Jim Goodwin, Scott Musick along with Ralph Patlan) were presented some new opportunities which energized the band members to think back to what was possible to write one more chapter.

The band were granted back US copyrights to their two albums, Reconciled and Into the Woods, which led to a new remastering of the files at Black Belt Mastering by Levi Seitz, who has done remastering work for Pearl Jam and Green Day.

Inspired, the band members went back to the closet “vault” and discovered some live recordings and nearly complete studio tracks featuring Michael Been’s voice. They resolved to go back into the studio to finish off these recordings and issue them on a brand new studio album, The Lost Tapes. Having heard some of the “unreleased” new recordings, let’s just say they’re absolutely amazing. Fans are going to be blown away, especially to hear Michael Been’s incredible voice once again!

We cannot wait to share these new songs with everybody along with a remastered version of Reconciled and Into the Woods, which are going to be issued on 2LP vinyl and double compact disc (CD) in limited edition.

There are also two (2) albums of live recordings which we’re calling Violent Times/Live in NY (1983) and Live in Boston (1989) which are available as digital downloads.

The new studio album features eleven (11) tracks: Welcome to My World, Only Love, Beaten at Your Own Game, I’m Yours, Right Between the Eyes, Can’t Find Love, Amazed by You, A Beautiful Lie, Christine, Time in a Beer Bottle, What a Ride.

The Lost Tapes is a new studio album of tracks from prior sessions which were never released. All of these newly finished recordings feature Michael Been, Jim Goodwin, Tom Ferrier, Scott Musick and Ralph Patlan. Garth Hudson (The Band) appears on “A Beautiful Lie.” This album will also include several rarities from 1978-1981 when the band was known as Airtight and Motion Pictures.

The Lost Tapes is only available on limited edition vinyl, compact disc (CD) and exclusive digital download via Kickstarter.