Michelle Lynn Thompson Releases “I Just Want to Be Loved”

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“Michelle here. I have a new song, “I Just Want to Be Loved” releasing for purchase on Bandcamp Friday (Feb 2) (see the story of the song on the page) This is a pay what you choose format. Folks have paid me everything from $1 to $100 for a song. You select the amount you want to pay and those funds will go towards the recording of my next songs. REMEMBER this first Friday of the month is “Bandcamp Friday” where they waive the fees and artists get 100% of the money paid. (The rest of the month they take a 15% fee so if you want to be sure I’m getting a certain amount, just add 15% if you’d like to cover the fee). THANKS SO MUCH for your support. You are how I’m able to get these songs into the world and leave a legacy of music for my kids and grandkids to discover.”