Help Mad at the World Fund New Album “Love and Despair”

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“This Kickstarter campaign is the second installment of the Mad at the World trilogy. This record represents our shift back into the rock ‘n’ roll gear, something that’s very familiar to us. There will be aspects of Seasons of Love as well as Through the Forest, and even Boomerang. This record will be our interpretation of what we like in a rock record; we are not shy about having influences from The Cult to Queen to The Sweet. We are giving ourselves the freedom to do what we do best. This record will be recorded at two different studios, Rose Studios High Desert, and Mad at the World studio in Texas. We are going to play and sing on our songs, as well as singing and playing on each others songs, if at all possible we would like to have some of the original members of MATW play on some of the material as well (Mike Pendleton, Brent Gordon, and Mike Link).

Mad at the World lovingly breaks all the rules – even the ones we place on ourselves. We are fortunate enough to be able to perform, write, engineer, and produce all of our material without the influence of executives that don’t necessarily share our vision in music and production. This is the blessing, and the curse of having the independent freedom to do with it as we please. But the only catch is the crowdfunding aspect to it and that’s where the power shifts from us to the the fans. You guys are the record label now. That’s why we need your support to make this happen. Climb aboard for a wild ride.

Welcome to the 2024 Mad at the World “ROCK” Kickstarter Campaign.

Love you guys,

Randy and Roger Rose”