Jennifer Knapp Releases “Kansas 25”

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“We are gathered here for a celebration!  25 years ago, I released my first national recording, Kansas. I am truly amazed, humbled, and honored by this album’s impact on the world. What strikes me most is not the popularity or commercial success it has received, but that its spiritual influence has endured.

Your love of Kansas is one of the reasons I decided to revisit these tunes in the studio. Together we have grown up, given up, and gotten back up…and for most of us, there’s a song on this album that is the soundtrack to our life journey or memories. We are the same people we have always been, yet time and experiences have made us the unique individuals we are today.

I wanted to make a new recording of Kansas that honored that young 23-year-old songwriter’s innocence and hope and reflected the people we are all becoming.

Thank you for reminding me that “old friends” can speak to us in new ways.

I hope you enjoy Kansas 25!