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Rock / Hard Rock
Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Early Christian Rock band led by Billy Sutherland, who later went on to form L.E.D. and play on Dale Thompson's 1983 demo. Thompson was inspired by an Asher concert to go into music and start bands like Matrix / Bride.


1981 Demo
198? Conquerors


1981 Independent

Billy Sutherland

  1. Been Set Free
  2. If You Miss Heaven
  3. I Didn't Die
  4. If I Had an Ear
  5. Jump & Shout
  6. I've Been Saved
  7. Praises to You
  8. Should Have Asked the Lord
  9. Let Your Jesus Show
  10. Goin' to Heaven


19?? Independent

  1. Keeper of the Flame
  2. You Can't Run
  3. Visions
  4. The One You Need
  5. Nothing but the Blood
  6. The Rock