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Dale Thompson

Rock / Hard Rock / Blues / Folk / Experimental
West Point, Kentucky, USA

Dale Thompson (born 1963) is an American singer, musician, and songwriter. In 1983, along with his younger brother Troy, Dale formed the band Matrix and began writing original material. In 1986, Matrix was signed to a record deal and changed their name to Bride. Between 1986 and 2013, Thompson released 14 studio albums with Bride, along with five solo albums, before disbanding the group, with the brothers remaining the only two original members throughout Bride's career. Thompson and his brother retired Bride in 2013, but reunited in 2018 to release a new album.

Thompson currently lives in New Zealand and has several musical projects including The World Will Burn, N.O.G., Perpetual Paranoia, Dabster Gentlemen, and Haunted no More.


1983 Dale Thompson Lost in His Love
19?? Dale Thompson (Manny Parker and His Hot Rod Blues Band) One Man's Opinion
1994 Dale Thompson Speak Into the Machine
1995 Dale Thompson and The Religious Overtones Dale Thompson and The Religious Overtones Rugged Records
1998 Dale Thompson Acoustic Daylight
1998 Dale Thompson and the Kentucky Cadillacs Testimony Organic Records
2002 Dale Thompson Unbridled

Lost in His Love

1983 Independent

Dale Thompson - Vocals
Billy Sutherland - Guitar
Otis Dunnavan - Guitar
Dale Buckingham - Bass
Todd Bryant - Drums

  1. Military Halo
  2. Child of Hell
  3. Butterfly
  4. His Love is Everywhere
  5. Studio Junkie
  6. Lost in His Love

One Man's Opinion

19?? Independent

To Be Continued…