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Casa Recordings

Name: Casa Recordings
Other Name: Casa Recording Co.
Founded: 1995
Founders: Damien Jurado, Eben Haase
Owner: Blake Wescott
Country: Seattle, Washington, USA

Casa Recording Co. was started in Seattle, Washington by Damien Jurado and Eben Haase in the mid-nineties as a cassette-only label.

From the Those Sweet Cedro Wooley Days tape: “This is, the dawning of a new era. My partner, Damien Jurado, and I (Eben Haase) decided that this world is full of too many tapes, with nothing good on them: Thus, Casa Record Co. We hope to bring you new and unexpected music, on recycled tapes and what not. The message we are hoping to convey, is that splendid affordable tapes will be made available to all, on a regular basis. The C.F. room is a bedroom/boom box, where the recording is taking place at. We hope that people will respond, and we would love to hear your own in-house recordings. With your support, we will be able to continue to provide albums for under $2. This is our first release, so please respond and keep up the support.”

Later, the label was retooled by Ken Stringfellow, Sarah Shannon, and Blake Wescott (of Bloomsday) to release albums by Shannon and The Posies.



Damien Jurado Lo-Fi Casa Recordings 1994
Damien Jurado Lo-Life 1 1994
Damien Jurado Lo-Life II 1994
CRCT 0001 The Cupcakes People 'R' Flammable 1995
CRC 0002
CRC 0003 Various Artists Those Sweet Cedro Wooley Days (Casa Compilation # 1) 1995
Roadside Monument Live at the Velvet Elvis]] 1996
Damien Jurado Leaded
Damien Jurado Gasoline
Damien Jurado Trailer Park Radio
Various Artists Casa Record Co Compilation 2
MxPx Bootlegged]]
Loafer Snake / Coolidge Loafer Snake vs. Coolidge
Reese Coggins Reesed Lightning
Delta Haymax ????
CRC231 Saltine Reveal Love 1999
Sarah Shannon Sarah Shannon 2001