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Industrial Metal
Texas, USA

Texas musician Eric Shirey formed industrial rock outfit Coarse in the mid-90's, bringing in friends Matt Wright and Richie Laxton. The trio only released one song (“Quiet”) which fused angst-filled vocals with crunchy guitar riffs and swirling synth riffs in a style similar to early Mortal or Circle of Dust. This track was featured on the Full Frontal Lobotomy compilation, released by Flaming Fish Music in early 1997.

Wright and Shirey were also part of the industrial rock band Primary Censor. Wright recorded solo under the moniker Abstain. Shirey was also a member of The Bumpus Hounds.

Eric Shirey - Vocals
Matt Wright - Guitars
Richie Laxton - Keyboards, drum programming

Compilation Appearances

Full Frontal Lobotomy (1997 Flaming Fish Music)
03) Quiet (3:32)