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Flaming Fish Music

Name: Flaming Fish Music
Founded: 1994
Founder: Carson Pierce

Flaming Fish Music was an online hub for Christian industrial, goth, synthpop, and related genres of music. Their official site featured an online store, radio show, links database, and other resources.

Flaming Fish also acted as a record label, releasing CDs by bands such as Level, Autumn's Descent, and Breather.

The Mailing List: 1994-1995

The roots of Flaming Fish Music trace back to an online mailing list: The Christian Industrial Information List, started by Carson Pierce in 1994. This list pre-dates any websites on the topic. This list would later evolve into what is now Flaming Fish Music. The earliest known version of this list was posted on on Sept. 22, 1994 and is archived on this page.

The purpose of this list was to inform people about the bands in the Christian industrial scene and their goings-on. As this list developed, it also became a sort of early e-zine; providing interviews and reviews.

The Record Label

In 1995, Flaming Fish expanded into the role of record label, starting with the cassette release of The Way Sect Bloom's God. Shortly thereafter came the label's first compilation, Flaming Fish Music ODD-ee-oo 'Zine #2, as well as a cassette by Autovoice.



Catalog # Artist Release Year Format Sub/Co-Label
FFMCS001 Autovoice 00000011 1996 Cassette
FFMCS002 Various Ballastic Test One 1996 Cassette
FFMCS003 The Way Sect Bloom God 1996 Cassette
FFMCS004 Cult of Jester Winky Dink & You 1997 Cassette
FFMCS005 Various Ballistic Test Two 1997 Cassette
FFMCS006 Audio Paradox Audio Paradox 1997 Cassette
FFMCS007/BTP01 Various Ballistic Test Error 1997 Cassette Ballistic Test Productions
FFMCS008/BTP02 Various Ballistic Test Three 1997 Cassette Ballistic Test Productions
FFMCS009/BTP03 Worldhate Transformation Impact 1997 Cassette Ballistic Test Productions
FFMCS010/BTP04 Voxis:Machina Lullabies 1997 Cassette Ballistic Test Productions
FFMCS011/BTP05 Various Ballistic Test Four 1998 Cassette Ballistic Test Productions
FFMCS012 Human Knot Farm Human Knot Farm 1998 Cassette Ballistic Test Productions
FFMCS013 Various Ballistic Test Five 1998 Cassette
FFMCD001 Various Full Frontal Lobotomy 1997 CD
FFMCD002 The Way Sect Bloom EfFLoReScE 1997 CD
FFMCD003 Engrave Polaris 1997 CD
FFMCD004 Cybershadow Social Conditioning 1997 CD
FFMCD005 Cybershadow The Birth of Future 1998 CD
FFMCD006 Autovoice A Living Death 1997 CD
FFMCD007/VECD002 Various Awaiting The Dawn 1997 CD Velvet Empire
FFMCD008/VECD003 Firmament Open-Eyed Ascension 1998 CD Velvet Empire
FFMCD009 Deitiphobia Fear of God (re-issue) 1998 CD
FFMCD010 Deitiphobia Digital Priests - The Remixes (re-issue) 1998 CD
FFMCD011/VECD003 Nova Sphere Solar Energy 1998 CD Velvet Empire
FFMCD012 Various Lethal Injection 1998 CD
FFMCD013 globalWAVEsystem HypercritEP EP 1998 CD
FFMCD014/VECD005 Various Digital Assimilation Volume 1 1998 CD Velvet Empire
VECD006 Frolic Permafrost 2000 CD Velvet Empire]]
FFCDR001 Various Ballistic Test Six 1998 CD-R
FFCDR002 Ängst Anger, Lust, Frustration, Fear, And Fun 1999 CD-R
FFCDR004 Various Forensics Lab: Songs From The Crime Scene 1999 CD-R
FFCDR005 Various Ballistic Test 07 1999 CD-R
FFCDR007 Various Ballistic Test 8 1999 CD-R
FFCDR007 Various Ballistic Test 9 1999 CD-R
FFMCD015 The November Commandment A Motorised Mind 1999 CD
FFMCD016 Red Sector One The Future is Everlasting 1999 CD
FFMCD017 Pivot Clowj It’s Not As If It Were The End Of The World…That Was Yesterday 1998 CD
FFMCD018 Various Requiem 1998 CD
FFMCD019 Cult of Jester Funkatron 1998 CD
FFMCD020 Level Devil's Advocate 1999 CD
FFMCD021 The Echoing Green Glimmer of Hope - Recorded Live at TOM Fest ’98 1999 CD
FFMCD022 Audio Paradox The Iniquity of Time 1999 CD
FFMCD023/STRUCT2 Parca Pace Parca Pace 1999 CD
FFMCD024 Regenerator Debugged 1999 CD
FFMCD025 Regenerator The Millennia Mixes 1999 CD
FFMCD026 Monolithic Power Undiminished 2000 CD
FFMCD027 KILLINGTHEOLDMAN The Violence of Sound 2000 CD
FFMCD028 Lode Just Another Day 2000 CD
FFMCD029 Cult of Jester Golgo 13 2000 CD
FFMCD030 Judean Radiostatic Flux 2000 CD
FFMCD031 Torn Skin Violence & Technology 2003 CD
FFMCD032 Level Denial 2003 CD
FFMCD033 Jagged Doctrine Absolution 2003 CD
FFMCD034/CF001 Various Moonlight Cathedral 2004 CD Cold Fusion Music
FFMCD035 Breather Slowly Sinking EP 2004 CD
FFMCD036 Heart of Darkness Survival 2004 CD
CF002 Paradoxx Atomika 2004
634479424182 Voxis Darkeworld Project One 2006
FFM001 Various Defib:Sternum 2008 MP3
FFM002 Audio Paradox The Iniquity of Time 2008 MP3
FFM003 Engrave Polaris 2008 MP3
FFM004 The Eternal Chapter The Eternal Chapter 2008 MP3
FFM005 Millipede Phi (EP) 2008 MP3
FFM006 Cult of Jester Funkatron 2008 MP3
FFM007 Five Sorrows Prelude 2008 MP3
[none] Various Automata 1.0 1999 CD
[none] Various Automata 2.0 2000 CD
[none] Various Automata 3.0 2001 CD
[none] Various Automata 4.0 2003 CD
[none] Various Automata 5.0 2003 CD
[none] Various Automata 6.0 2004 CD
[none] Various Automata 7.0 2004 CD
[none] Various Automata 8.0 2005 CD
[none] Various Automata 9.0 2005 CD
[none] Various Automata 10.0 2007 CD
[none] Sstaria Loser (New Moon Sessions) [single] 2011 MP3
[none] Sstaria Safe & Sound [single] 2011 MP3

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