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Human Knot Farm

Bryan, Texas, USA

“Texan Shane Broussard (aka Acid Human) turned a few heads in the Christian electronic underground scene in the late 90's by recording as one-man band Human Knot Farm.

The project featured an eclectic hybrid of dark electro and experimental/noise sounds and consisted of Broussard singing heavily distorted vocals over a haunting mix of synths, electronic effects and clanking beats.”


Human Knot Farm

1998 Flaming Fish Music (FFMCS012)

  1. Political Numbers
  2. Subsiding
  3. Paranoid
  4. April 16
  5. Cicada
  6. Who Died?
  7. Paraplegic

Compilation Appearances

Ballistic Test Three (1997 Flaming Fish Music)
06) Exhortation

Lethal Injection (1998 Flaming Fish Music)
10) Evil Pleased Society

Ballistic Test 10 (2001 Flaming Fish Music)
04) Frank Is

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