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Originally known as Voxis:Machina, later Voxis and currently Blue Stahli.


1998 Voxis:Machina Lullabies
2006 Voxis Darkeworld Project One


1998 Ballistic Test / Flaming Fish Music

  1. Rayzer Numb (the theoretically it should work mix)
  2. Insanity Unleashed
  3. Denymind
  4. Myndhax (the splattered matter mix)
  5. Vyzygothyk Veil
  6. Chambyr
  7. Hermind

After numerous setbacks and delays, the debut release from Voxis: Machina has finally arrived. Was the wait worth it? I think so. Voxis serves up a blissful storm of speed techno-industrial that puts them in a class of their own. They sound kind of like Millenia (especially “Invisible”) or even some of Argyle Park, but things are more extreme overall and there are no guitars or vocals. The futuristic “Rayzer Numb” first appeared on Ballistic Test 3 with sampled guitars but they have been dropped for the “Theoretically it Should Work” remix of the song which I think is not as good as the original. However, there is plenty of thickly layered intensity to like on this tape such as the heart-stopping terminal velocity of “Myndhax”, the dark trance synths of “Vyzygothyk Veil”, the frantic club rave of “Hermind”, and the smooth melodic speed of “Chambyr”. Production is better than I expected but a few of the many voice samples are not clear. The “Hello Mr. Fancy Pants” sample at the start of “Denymind” is hilarious. For pure high-energy electro pleasure, Voxis: Machina performs nicely. –Richard Maaranen (

Darkeworld Project One

2006 Independent

  1. Version One Point Nothing (4:32)
  2. Misconstrue (3:06)
  3. Skratchu (0:15)
  4. The Strip (2:58)
  5. Glamour is a Calculated Risk (4:42)
  6. Nihilistic Neon Afterglow (3:26)
  7. Between The Code (0:52)
  8. Coiled (3:25)
  9. The Last (4:01)
  10. Razor's Edge (4:53)
  11. Pour Elle (4:39)
  12. Shattered (3:51)
  13. Not Without Incident (1:48)
  14. Neuro (2:37)
  15. Chamber (1:27)
  16. …Your Secret Lie (0:38)
  17. Noir (4:50)
  18. E.T.H. (0:44)
  19. Corruption In Strobe (5:38)
  20. Myndhax (5:11)
  21. 13 (3:44)

Before he unleashed his hybrid electronic rock on an unsuspecting world through FiXT, Bret of Blue Stahli released an album under the name Voxis. Read on for a personal note from Blue Stahli…

“The material on this disc is a non-chronological collection of songs, demos, experiments and crimes against the listening populace I committed between the years 2000 and 2006. After these discs were recently unearthed from the tomb I dug for them, i was pressured into making them available by a member of FiXT threatening to drop a small furry animal into a food processor. So even though it's an album from my past that is the equivalent of embarrassing high school pictures where you're inexplicably in your underthings in front of everybody, I like to think that I saved a life by finally relenting and allowing it into the FiXT store.

There are definitely some ties to Blue Stahli contained herein. For one thing, the song 'Pour Elle' on this disc (which was written for a fashion show) became the track “The Pure And The Tainted” on my production disc and was just used in the trailer for From Paris With Love. More Blue Stahli crossover comes from the fact that Collin of Strangities (who pens the “More Mundane Adventures Of Blue Stahli” found in some of my Deluxe Edition singles) was an original VOXiS founder, playing bass and writing lyrics on “Glamour Is A Calculated Risk” as well as the epic cyberpunk text you find inside the booklet. His own VOXiS-era songs are probably floating around somewhere as well. Another Blue Stahli tie-in comes from the artwork for this release (which i still really like) created by Shawn of Virocity who is responsible for such Blue Stahli visual action as the text logo, spiral logo, Antisleep cover, Kill Me Every Time cover, fantastic vectory profile images, backgrounds and general art badassery.”

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