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Dead to Sin

Punk Rock
California, USA?

The only thing known about this band is that they produced a practice demo tape that is distinctly different in sound from the other Dead to Sin from Canada. Several people from Southern California mentioned a band in the 1980s led by Richard Carlstedt of C.R.O.S.S. and The Israelites (the interview section of the T.W.D.N.R.T.P.A.C.T.R.I. tape by Crazed Bunnyz has Marc Plainguet and Mike Futch mentioning this band). The assumption is that there are two bands called “Dead to Sin,” and that this version is from California in the 1980s - until someone can say otherwise.


198? Practice


198? Independent

Richard Carlstedt?

  1. God's Not Dead
  2. Jesus is God
  3. I Love You
  4. Jesus Loves Me
  5. Kill the Abortion
  6. Dear Jesus Prayer
  7. Satan Sucks
  8. Banned
  9. King of Kings, Lord of Lords
  10. Don't Turn Your Back on Jesus Christ