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Association of the Cross

Punk Rock
Los Angeles, California, USA

Part of the Los Angeles Christian music scene in the mid to late 1980's, and one of the earliest Christian punk rock bands. “The first time I ever saw a chick in a Christian band that was full-on punk rock band. She had a six-inch high Mohawk, playing bass. Association of the Cross – their name was painted on my jacket for years.” – Mark Solomon of The Crucified

They were the last punk band to play at a Calvary Chapel. Jamie and Neal were also both in Bomb Bay Babies and Delirium Blue. At one point in 1985, Dennis Rudolph of Conviction of Sin was in this band as well. Denis also commented once that several former members of A.O.T.C. performed in a one-off impromptu gig at a place called Safari Sam's under the name Midnight Mass in 1985.

  • Mike Smith – lead vocals
  • Jamie Malarczyk – bass, backing vocals
  • Denise Taylor – guitar
  • Neal Vorndran – drums, backing vocals


198? Live at Val’s
198? Live at Calvary Chapel

Live at Val’s

198? Independent

Mike Smith – Lead vocals
Denise Taylor – Guitar
Jamie Malarczyk – Bass, backing vocals
Neal Vorndran – Drums, backing vocals

  1. AOTC
  2. Something Political
  3. [band intros]
  4. In the Silence
  5. Legalized Christian
  6. The World
  7. Free
  8. Silent Scream
  9. Friend
  10. Tears
  11. Down to Earth
  12. Johnny