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Rock / Progressive Rock / Blues
Huntington Beach, California, USA

Robert Barngrover and Stephen Light worked musically together from 1979 to 1992. Their first band was called Avart Garde where they played mostly copies of their favorite and hit songs. “Working Man” was a classic rocker by 1983 so it was well received by the fans. Fortunately, there were several VHS recordings that captured key concerts during those years. Barngrover/Light moved through several musical styles; from rock to progressive rock to a more blues and folk based rock at the end of their partnership.” (from

Refridgerator Blues was the last CD release under the Barngrover/Light name in 1992. After, Robert Barngrover and Stephen Light made one more album called The New Barbarians with a few music friends and then called it quits” (from

Robert Barngrover, Stephen Light, and Tom Barile were in a band called Blue Shift before Barngrover/Light.

Robert Barngrover, Stephen Light, and other members of this band were also members of The New Barbarians.


1988 The Cry of the Child CRS Records
1990? Living on the Outside CRS Records
1990 Dangerously Live! CRS Records
1992 Refridgerator Blues CRS Records

The Cry of the Child

1988 CRS Records (CRS 71197-88)

Robert Barngrover - Lead vocals; lead, electric, 12-string, and acoustic guitar; backing vocals; synthesizer
Steve Light - Lead vocals, acoustic and 12-string guitar, backing vocals, additional keyboards, piano
Jerry Lohr - Bass Guitar
Tom Barile - Drums

Greg Davis - Harp
Jerry King - Saxophone

All songs written by Robert Barngrover and Steve Light

  1. Outside These Gates (8:58)
  2. To All My Children (5:40)
  3. Hollywood Star (2:28)
  4. Someday I'll Be a Man (5:36)
  5. Lonely Eyes (2:28)
  6. (I Sing To…) A Soldier's Song (5:00)
  7. Just Another Day (3:07)
  8. Voices Haunting Me (5:48)
  9. Count Your Days (4:02)
  10. October Spring (5:12)

Living on the Outside

1990? CRS Records

  1. Days Like These
  2. Living on the Outside
  3. Surf City Revisited
  4. I Want to Go There with You
  5. History 101
  6. The World Turns On

Written, Perfomed and produced by Robert Barngrover and Stephen Light
Additional vocals: Dorothy Light
“Living on the Outside” recorded with Blue Shift

Dangerously Live!

1990 CRS Records

Steve Light - Vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, piano, harmonica
Robert Barngrover - Vocals, lead guitars; acoustic guitar on “Barbarians”
Tom Barile - Drums
Mark Henri - Bass guitar on “Crossroads,” “Mystery,” and “When Will I See You Again”
Fronz van Ouwerkerk - Bass guitar on “There’s Danger,” “Days Like These,” “Surf City,” “The Web of Life,” and “The World Turns On”
Jerry King - Saxophone
Dorothy Light - Additional vocals

  1. There’s Danger All Around (vocals: Steve) (5:28)
  2. Days Like These (3:46)
  3. Living on the Outside (vocals: Robert) (5:40)
  4. Crossroads (vocals: Robert 5:42)
  5. Hey Dude! (0:48)
  6. Surf City Revisited (vocals: Steve) (6:15)
  7. The Web of Life (Spins Round) (4:42)
  8. Mystery Train (3:06)
  9. The New Barbarians (7:10)
  10. When Will I See You Again (3:50)
  11. The World Turns On (6:01)

“These recordings were done live, to 4-track, mostly between June and August 1990, while on the Living on the Outside Tour.”

Refridgerator Blues

1992 CRS Records

“The Refridgerator Blues concept was inspired by their actual refrigerator. Steve and Robert's refrigerator over the years became covered with all types of stickers; you could call it a work of art or a collage. Interestingly, their eventual goal was to donate the refrigerator to the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame; unfortunately, it finally died and was put to rest in the nearby junk yard in Orange County, CA. The song was put together by both parties combining song ideas into one piece.” (from

Robert Barngrover – Vocals, lead guitars, slide guitars
Stephen Light – Vocals on “I’m Goin to California,” “My Telephone Woman,” “Nightmare,” “Mike Tyson,” and “I Wish I was in Heaven”; electric guitars; acoustic guitars; piano; organ; harmonica; bass on “It’s Time to Go Home” and “I’m Leavin’ California”
Dr. Dave – Bass
Tom Barile – Drums

Chris Sundeman – Drums on “I’m Leavin’ California”
Ketarah Shafer – “Telephone Woman”
Steve Shafer – Tambourine on “Telephone Woman”

  1. I'm Goin to California
  2. Refridgerator Blues
  3. TV Movie Blues
  4. My Telephone Woman
  5. Nightmare (including the touch of an angel)
  6. Hear Me Lord Blues
  7. Mike Tyson
  8. She's a Surfer with the Surfing Blues (Lady in Red, White, and Black)
  9. It's Time to Go Home
  10. I Wish I Was in Heaven
  11. I'm Leavin' California

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