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Lost & Found

Rock / Hard Rock
Monrovia, California, USA

From Duane M. Evarts on Facebook: “Brian Mercer's band, Lost and Found was among the more hard rock, dare I say… “Metal” Christian bands that I produced and engineered. I recently located Lost and Found's cassette tape in the HMEA archives. For your enjoyment on Brian's birthday, here is a blast from his past… the song “No Greater Love” from his 1984 HMEA album Soldiers of Light.

Something unique that I will never forget about Lost and Found's Soldiers of Light album was his introduction to the final song. Just before the last song starts, Brian shares a quick gospel message encouraging the listener to take the messages in the songs to heart and and seek the Lord. Who does that on an album anymore?

I look forward to sharing more songs from Lost and Found's Soldiers of Light in the future.”

By the time the band released Welcome to the Real World, they were more of an AOR/Rock band.


1984 Soldiers of Light
1988 Welcome to the Real World Under the Influence Records

Soldiers of Light

1984 Independent

Songs include:

  • No Greater Love

Welcome to the Real World

1988 Under the Influence Records

Scott Walters – Lead vocals
Ted Hoehne – Guitars, vocals
Larry Trainor – Guitars, vocals
Brian Mercer – Vocals, keyboards
Greg Hudson – Bass, vocals
Alison Cate – drums

  1. Welcome to the Real World
  2. Going All the Way
  3. Hear Me
  4. Make It Real
  5. Wait of the World
  6. I'm So Glad
  7. How Long?
  8. Never Alone
  9. Smoke Screen
  10. All the World