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Scottie Joel Cooper

Rhythmic Spoken Word Over Percussion

Cooper was also the man behind projects like Timigen and Dethdoor.

Some of his songs were played on Jeani Bond's New Generation radio show. Songs played on the show include:

  • An excerpt of “Metaphysical” [poem] from The Beat: 1958
  • “There is Hope” [poem]
  • “Hell Fire” by Dethdoor


The Beat: 1958

1985 Independent

Scotty Joel Cooper - Vocals, bongos, harmonica, and other various noises

  1. Metaphysical [poem]
  2. When I Awoke This Morning [poem]
  3. I'm Not a Neo-Nazi [poem]
  4. [playing harmonica over Lone Justice's “Sweet, Sweet Baby (I'm Falling)”]
  5. [singing Over U2's “New Year's Day”]
  6. 40 [acapella rendition of U2]
  7. Why Does the Heathen Rage? [acapella cover of a local Athens, GA band]
  8. Warrior [acapella rendition of Arkangel]
  9. All the Earth Will Vomit It's Degenerates [poem]
  10. Golden Axe [acapella]
  11. Walk Forever by My Side [acapella rendition of The Alarm]
  12. [singing Over U2's “New Year's Day”]
  13. Theme from Cheers [recorded from TV show]
  14. Girl on the Green [acapella]
  15. Erin Peacechild [poem]
  16. [Jake Owens - sermon on the Kingdom of God, part 1]
  17. [interview with Glenn Stanton President of Right to Life Florida]
  18. [Jake Owens - sermon on the Kingdom of God, part 1]

X-perimental Poetry

1987 Independent

Human Patrol

1987 Independent