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Four Living Creatures

Band: Four Living Creatures
Origin: Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA
Genres: Grunge
Alternative Rock
Years Active: 1991-1995
Labels: Nevermore (1994)
Frozen Rope Records (1995)
R.E.X. Music (1995)
Members: (1991-1994) Joseph Albanese, Cat Albanese, Willie Dizon
(1994) Joseph Albanese, Cat Albanese, Jeremi Gray Rodgers, Toby Tate, Matt Dentino
(1995) Joseph Albanese, Cat Albanese, Jeremi Gray Rodgers, Troy Edwards, Chuck Loucka
(1995) Jeremi Gray Rodgers, Devon Thompson, Joe Turner, Alicia Luma
Associated Acts: Sweet Nectar

Four Living Creatures was an aggressively dark Christian rock band that gained some underground buzz in the early 1990's. Influences included Scaterd Few, L.S. Underground, and Jane's Addiction. Joseph Albanese described Four Living Creatures musically as “The Sex Pistols mixed with Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Black Flag.”


Four Living Creatures was formed in 1991 by Joseph Albanese and Willie Dizon. Reactions to early shows were mixed. Song lyrics tended to deal with the darker and scarier moments of Christian life. “Suddenly Religion” told the story of “reality hitting after being locked in jail for a DUI and a girl getting pregnant after a night of partying with the wrong crowd.” At some point, Joe met Cat Albanese at a show and Cat joined the band on percussion. They were married in 1992. By 1994, Willie Dizon was no longer listed as a member of the band.

The band recorded at least one demo album (Dreams, Daughters, and Sons) in 1994. The line-up for this album was Joseph Albanese, Cat Albanese, Jeremi Gray Rodgers, Toby Tate, and Matt Dentino.

Some time between 1994 and 1995, Toby Tate, and Matt Dentino left the band and were replaced by Troy Edwards and Chuck Loucka. In 1995, Four Living Creatures recorded a full length CD (Proletariat Poetry) that drew the interest of Brad Wells, who had an indie label called Frozen Rope Records. Brad secured a distribution deal with Gray Dot Music for Proletariat Poetry at some point.

Also at some point, the band gained the attention of R.E.X. Music. R.E.X. placed one of their songs, “Tangent”, on a compilation called Are We Not Men? We Are Demo!. The liner notes to “Tangent” also made the claim: “full length album coming early 1996.” This album never materialized.

At some point after the recording of the Proletariat Poetry, Joe Albanese was asked to give up his half of the singing in the band and agree to solely play guitar. This quickly caused the group to start splintering.

Before the album gained much attention, Four Living Creatures broke up. Their final show was played in Atlanta.

Sweet Nectar

Jeremi Gray Rodgers and Devon Thompson from Four Living Creatures were joined by Joe Turner and Alicia Luma to form a splinter band called Sweet Nectar. Sweet Nectar released one album on R.E.X. called Tired Face In Clown Paint. This album contained two new songs and eight songs from Proletariat Poetry. The liner notes seem to indicate that these eight existing songs were taken straight from Proletariat Poetry, rather than being new recordings. Joe Albanese was only credited for additional vocals and guitars on Tired Face In Clown Paint, despite the fact that he wrote nearly half of the material on the album.

Some online articles reported that original Four Living Creatures member Willie Dizon was a member of Sweet Nectar at one point, but the liner notes to their one album do not indicate this. Very little is known about Sweet Nectar after this point.


After Four Living Creatures broke up, Joseph Albanese and Cat Albanese connected with original Four Living Creatures member Willie Dizon to form Elder.


as "Four Living Creatures"
1991 (first demo)
1992 Live Demo (Hip, Hip!)
1993 Dedmansbontupik
1994 Dreams, Daughters, and Sons Nevermore
1995 Proletariat Poetry Frozen Rope Records
as "Sweet Nectar"
1995 Tired Face In Clown Paint R.E.X. Music

Live Demo (Hip, Hip!)

Genre: Grunge
Alternative Rock
Year: 1992
Recorded: Live at “Believer’s Jam ‘92” Portsmouth, VA
Label: Independent
  • Joe Albanese – Guitar, vocals
  • Jeremy Rodgers – Bass guitar
  • Paul Verebely – Drums (and other stuff)
Track listing
  1. Virgin’s Song
  2. Alies Song
  3. Dead Man’s – Bone to Pick
  4. What is a Picture?
  5. EX-Pose-Facto
  6. Don’t Be Fooled


Genre: Grunge
Alternative Rock
Year: 1993
  • Joseph Albanese – Lead guitars, rhythm guitars, vocals
  • John Winfield - Rhythm guitars, lead guitars
  • Jeremy Rodgers – Bass, background vocals
  • Chris Gildersleeve – Percussions
  • Cathermine Albanese - Background vocals on “Shaft of Light”
Track listing
  1. Virgin's Song
  2. Love
  3. Grandfather
  4. Ex Post Facto
  5. Parable
  6. Love Like a Circle
  7. [untitled]
  8. Sink
  9. Suddenly Religion
  10. Shaft of Light
  11. Wedding Whim
  12. What is a Picture
  13. Ali's Song

Dreams, Daughters, and Sons

Genre: Grunge
Alternative Rock
Year: 1994
Label: Nevermore
  • Joseph Albanese: Vocals, guitars
  • Jeremi Gray Rodgers: Bass guitar
  • Toby Tate: Drums, Percussion, Backing vocals
  • Matt Dentino: Additional guitars and vocals on “Down the Stairs”, guitars on “Wedding Whim” and “The Red Earth”
Track listing
  1. Love Like a Circle
  2. Stop Smile
  3. What is a Picture
  4. Under the Raincloud
  5. Down the Stairs
  6. Ex Post Facto
  7. Revolve Around
  8. Parable
  9. Wedding Whim
  10. Grandfather
  11. The Red Earth
  12. Htraeder
  • “Down the Stairs” and “Wedding Whim” were re-recorded on the Proletariat Poetry album.
  • “The Red Earth” was re-recorded on Elder's Used To Be Adorable album.

Proletariat Poetry

Genre: Grunge
Alternative Rock
Year: 1995
Recorded: Glass Hand Recording, Richmond VA by Mark Milley & Kirk Henderson
Label: Frozen Rope Records
Producer: Brad Wells & 4LC
  • Joe Albanese: Lead guitar, lead vocals
  • Cat Albanese: Percussion, narration
  • Troy Edwards: Drums
  • Jairemi Rodgers: Bass, vocals
  • Devon Thompson: Lead vocals, guitar
  • Chuck Loucka: Keyboards
  • Wells Family Duo: BGVs
Track listing
  1. Courtney Arch
  2. Tangent
  3. Never Learn
  4. Flatland Diggs
  5. Golden Tongue
  6. Marvell
  7. Frykondalula
  8. Twenty-Two
  9. Mazurka
  10. Dreary Bike Ride (with a Bandaid on My Knee)
  11. Autumn
  12. (silence)
  13. (silence)
  14. Wedding Whim
  • All songs except “Never Learn,” “Marvell,” “Mazurka,” and “Wedding Whim” were re-released on Sweet Nectar's Tired Face In Clown Paint album.
  • “Mazurka” (previously titled “Down the Stairs”) was re-recorded on Elder's Plagues and Woes album.
  • All songs written by 4LC

Tired Face In Clown Paint

Genre: Grunge
Alternative Rock
Year: 1995
Recorded: Glass Hand Recording, Richmond VA by Mark Milley & Kirk Henderson Except for “Daphne Treefort” and “Tired Face in Clown Paint” recorded at Woodhouse Recording by Larry Carr
Label: R.E.X. Music / Frozen Rope Records
Producer: Brad Wells & 4LC
Band Members
  • Jairemi Rodgers: Bass Guitar, Vocals
  • Devon Thompson: Guitars, Vocals
  • Joe Turner: Drums
  • Alicia Luma: Vocals, Utilities
Additional Musicians
  • Joe Albanese: BGVs, Guitars
  • Cat Albanese: Percussion
  • Troy Edwards: Drums
  • Donnie Satterwhite: Pedal Steel
  • Wells Family Duo: BGVs
  • Alli Baba: Recorder, Gourd, Knee Cymbals
Track Listing
  1. Courtney Arch
  2. Tangent
  3. Daphne Treefort
  4. Flatland Digs
  5. Golden Tongue
  6. Frykondalula
  7. Tired Face in Clown Paint
  8. Twenty-Two
  9. The Biological Exit
  10. Dreary Bike Ride (with a Bandaid on My Knee)
  • “Daphne Treefort” and “Tired Face in Clown Paint” are the only two new songs on this album. “The Biological Exit” is the second half of “Twenty-Two” - previous albums combined the two songs.
  • Recording by Larry Carr
  • All songs written by Devon Thompson and Jairemi Gray Rodgers

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