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Grace for the Fallen


Grace for the Fallen started as a band called 44evergiven at the end of 1996. David “Burrito” Villalpando joined the band after they had been together for a few months. 44evergiven toured in 1998 with Blindside on their first U.S. tour. The band went through so many personnel changes that they changed their name to Grace for the Fallen in 1999. By December of 2000, they had signed to ClenchedFist Records. At that time, the band was vocalist Mark Miller, Nicky Bryant on guitars , Mike on guitars, Burrito on bass, and Derrick Nester on the drums.

By 2001, Burrito was replaced by Tommy Wolfe before their debut was released.


2001 Field of Blood ClenchedFist Records

Field of Blood

1998 ClenchedFist Records (CfR010)

  1. Don't Walkaway (6:47)
  2. More Real Than Ever (4:55)
  3. September (6:22)
  4. To Rise Again (7:33)
  5. One Truth (4:08)
  6. Field of Blood (4:07)
  7. Washing of Regeneration (5:10)
  8. To a Dying Friend (5:39)