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Graveyard Cafe

Performance Art

“Graveyard Cafe is Marc Plainguet's new performance art and music group. Finding that he wanted to use his name for his more serious music and instrumental work Marc created Graveyard Cafe for the more fun and offbeat material. Graveyard Cafe's first public performance was at the Bobbing For Dobbs Subgenius Devival in Akron, Ohio where Marc was accompanied on stage by dancing nuclear weapons, skeletons passing out pamphlets, Pastor “Smiling” Jack Stomachpump, and more along with slides and film. The first Graveyard Cafe cassette demo was made for the performance featuring newly reworked material by Marc Plainguet with several guest musicians. Graveyard Cafe also appeared on the R.M.I. Mind/Body Volume 2 double CD compilation doing “The Industrial Blues” earned a write up in Alternative Press. Graveyard Cafe also appears on Mind/Body Volume 3 doing a reworked version of Marc's “Afterlifestyles” and contributed a track titled “Why Hospitals?” to a compilation done by members of the Snuggles mailing list on the internet. A full length release is planned for the future.

“In 1992, Marc began doing music under the name Graveyard Cafe. The demo tape Fresh Ground was produced and Graveyard Cafe gave it’s first live performance at the “Bobbing for Dobbs Subgenius Devival” in Akron, Ohio. The group featured Marc onstage at the keyboard and an array of costumed characters such as skeletons passing out pamphlets, nuclear missles fighting on the dance floor, and more all backed by film and slides. Marc also appeared that night as Pastor “Smilin’” Jack Stomachpump from his Strange Tales project and delivered the sermon “What I Want”.

In 1993 Marc graduated from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and moved back to Youngstown to be closer to his fiance Francine Vitullo. At this time Marc took time off from doing music to get ready for their wedding and get his life settled and in order. However, “The Industrial Blues” by Graveyard Cafe was included on the R.M.I. Mind / Body Volume 2 compilation from Atomic Records in 1994.”


Fresh Ground

1992 Corpqii Music

Cover art by Chris Yambar

  1. Oblivion
  2. The Church Of Holy Profits
  3. Godzilla Vs. The World
  4. Barbie's Lament
  5. Afterlifestyles
  6. 100% Pure Beef

“A six song tape from Marc Plainguet's new performance art and music group featuring newly recorded versions of such faves as 'Barbie's Lament' and 'Oblivion'.”