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Gunshots at 9:50

Acoustic / Experimental
Central Hollywood, California, USA

This is basically an impromptu collaboration between Scottie Joel Cooper and John R. Williamson of The Grape Vine underground Christian 'zine. Williamson visited Cooper one night in Hollywood and they recorded this tape. The name came from the fact that there were gunshots near the apartment when Williamson came over, and then again at 9:50 when he was ready to leave.


Gunshots at 9:50

1990 Independent

Scottie Joel Cooper – Vocals
John R. Williamson – Instruments

  1. Purgatory is Hell
  2. Just South of Wilshire
  3. The Southland
  4. Harlot Lover and Jew-Boy
  5. Working Class: Act IX
  6. A Thrash Song