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John R. Williamson

Acoustic / Folk / Experimental
Claremont, California, USA

John Williamson was a musician and editor of The Grape Vine underground Christian 'zine.


Gunshots at 9:50

1990 Independent

John R. Williamson – Vocals, instruments

This collection of songs, readings, and spoken word works was on the back of the Gunshots at 9:50 demo that Williamson traveled to California to record with Scottie Joel Cooper. This recording was probably added when Williamson made a copy of their session to send to Cooper, and he decided to add something to side B.

  1. [hello Scottie]
  2. Let Go
  3. Stew Dents
  4. Passing Property
  5. [reading a letter]
  6. Stalemates [spoken word]
  7. This Dirt Hurts
  8. [did you ever get my letter?]
  9. [bass jam]
  10. [randomness]
  11. Victoria Williams - Holy Spirit

Do I Dare to Eat a Peach?

Canvas of Blue

1993 Sonic Hope Records

John R. Williamson – Vocals, guitars, other instruments?

Chad Edmunson – Vocals on “Where Did the Doctor Go?”
David Finley – Vocals on “Where Did the Doctor Go?”
Eric Paulsen – Strumming and croaking on “A Humdrum Conundrum,” boost guitar on “Chess With Death”
Michael Knepher – Strumming and croaking on “A Humdrum Conundrum”
Korby Paulsen – Drums on “Temecula”

  1. Danish Straightjacket
  2. Bigger Than Blue
  3. Our Guilt-Ridden Alchemist
  4. Chess With Death
  5. Where Did the Doctor Go?
  6. Temecula
  7. A Humdrum Conundrum
  8. Juggler Treading Water
  9. Captivity
  10. Move It Along
  11. Arise
  12. Sarah and Abraham
  13. Landing in a Family
  14. Testimony in the Mother Tongue


199? Sonic Hope Records

John R. Williamson – Vocals, guitars

Mike Harkins – Trombone
Korby Paulsen – Guitar
Eric Patton – Drums
Mandy Horak – Singing

  1. Reckoning
  2. The K-Mart Song
  3. Morning Storm
  4. Spiney Snake
  5. Alone With a Will
  6. Ode to Keaton's Young Sherlock
  7. I’m Breathing
  8. Ray Horne
  9. Eyes
  10. Clinging to Jesus’ Cloak
  11. Poetic Prophetic Musical Sketches
  12. Such is Love

Purple Blanket

1997 Liberation Music / Sonic Hope Records

John R. Williamson - Vocals, guitars

  1. Holiday
  2. The Pace of You
  3. The Afternoon
  4. Stand and Speak
  5. A Piece of the Mob is Me
  6. My Massive Affection
  7. Forest Lawn
  8. Kindly Honor Everyone
  9. Trapper Dick
  10. Charcoal Drawings Through the Night
  11. Hold on to Your Hat
  12. I'm a Pyre for You