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Eric Paulsen

Azusa, California, USA

Paulsen was also a member of Bob. He played on the demo tapes of other members of Bob, such as John R. Williamson and Chad Bryant Edmundson.


1993 A Backyard Auction Sonic Hope Records

A Backyard Auction

1993 Sonic Hope Records

Eric Paulsen - Vocals, background vocasl, acoustic guitar. electric guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, piano, harmonica, kazo, Zube Tube, drums, shaker, cowbell, tambourine, finger snaps, water jug

Candi Aderman - Background vocals on “Last Night”
J.D. Carnes - Classical guitar on “Missionaries in America” and “Someday Soon”, tuba on “Someday Soon”
Chad Bryant Edmundson - Background vocals on on “Someday Soon”
John R. Williamson - Bass guitar on “Day to Day,” vocal noises on “A Ridge, a Snake, and a Desert Night”
Steve “O” Guiles - Acoustic Guitar on “Someday Soon,” postlude on “Feeling Generally Hostile”

  1. Feeling Generally Hostile
  2. A Ridge, a Snake, and a Desert Night
  3. May
  4. Missionaries in America
  5. Baffled Body
  6. My Three Dogs
  7. Day to Day
  8. Someday Soon
  9. Mr. Smith
  10. The Great Tail Chase
  11. Since I Could Laugh
  12. Last Night