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Chad Bryant Edmundson

Acoustic Rock
San Juan Cap, California, USA



1991 Sonic Hope Records

Chad Bryant Edmundson – Lead vocals, backing vocals, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, keyboards, percussion

David Finley – Vocals on “Sorry Mr. Beckett”
Robert Deeble – Lead guitar on “Sorry Mr. Beckett”
John R. Williamson – Guitar on “Justice at the Crossroads,” bass on “Aspect”
Eric Paulsen – Drums on “Aspect”
J.D. – Lead guitar on “Aspect”

  1. Sorry Mr. Beckett
  2. And for Reason
  3. Janie
  4. Aspect
  5. Justice at the Crossroads
  6. Love and Tombstones
  7. Hope
  8. On This Day
  9. Shared Laughter
  10. [bonus live]

Wonder and Strangeness

1993 Sonic Hope Records

Chad Bryant Edmundson – Vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, keyboard, harmonica, hand drums on “Alcatraz”
John R. Williamson – Bass, second vocals on “Saving Grace,” lead electric on “Colombo’s Wife”
David Finley – Piano and electric guitar on “Underhanded”

  1. Driven
  2. Saving Grace
  3. Walking on Water
  4. Alcatraz was Winking
  5. Felicity
  6. Underhanded
  7. Morning
  8. Story of Ruth
  9. Scooby
  10. Colombo’s Wife
  11. [phone message]