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Johnny Quest

Alternative Rock

Transitional name for Crazed Bunnyz. According to Futch: “Okay, like Bunnyz wuz a joke at first, but we realized the possibilities, then Gadget left, we broke up, the Phil & Craig came, we became Johnny Quest, then Craig bailed, so now we sit, waiting for an axe, oh, by the way, we're Crazed Bunnyz again.”

See also Bing Futch, Crazed Bunnyz, and Nutty Faith.


1986 Transition Plan 7


1986 Plan 7

Futch - Vox, Bass
Craig Cook - Guitar
Phil Poole - Drums

  1. Somebody's Knocking
  2. Page 69
  3. Jerry's Kids
  4. Peter Almost (live)*
  5. Libya
  6. Physical Distortion (live)*
  7. I'm Alright Now
  8. The Rap (live)*

* These are from the Crazed Bunnyz cassette Live!.