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Johnny Quest

Alternative Rock

Transitional name for Crazed Bunnyz. According to Futch: “Okay, like Bunnyz wuz a joke at first, but we realized the possibilities, then Gadget left, we broke up, the Phil & Craig came, we became Johnny Quest, then Craig bailed, so now we sit, waiting for an axe, oh, by the way, we're Crazed Bunnyz again.”

See also Mike / Bing Fütch, Crazed Bunnyz, and Nutty Faith.


1986 Transition Plan 7 Dist


1986 Plan 7 Dist

Futch - Vox, Bass
Craig Cook - Guitar
Phil Poole - Drums

  1. Somebody's Knocking
  2. Page 69
  3. Jerry's Kids
  4. Peter Almost (live)*
  5. Libya
  6. Physical Distortion (live)*
  7. I'm Alright Now
  8. The Rap (live)*

* These are from the Crazed Bunnyz cassette Live!.