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Marc Plainguet & Chris Yambar


Marc Plainguet also produced and provided music for a cassette titled A Tale of Peeper Rabbit was also produced in collaboration with Chris Yambar as part of his art show “Beatrix Unleashed.” He also produced and wrote and performed music for Chris Yambar’s Weird Outtakes Vol. 1.


A Tale of Peeper Rabbit

1992 Corpqii Music

  1. A Tale of Peeper Rabbit
  2. Burned Scalded Mutilated Radiated Crushed
  3. Psychedelic Catnip

This cassette was produced in a limited edition of 100 signed and numbered copies to commemorate the opening of the Banana Rodeo Gallery.

This signed and #d limited-edition, cassette-only release was produced to commemorate the opening of the BANANA RODEO GALLERY and Yambar’s acid house painting exhibition ‘Beatrix Unleashed.’ Side one contains ‘The Tale of Peeper Rabbit’ which was written and read by Yambar and scored and produced by Plainguet. This highly twisted but powerful morality play retells the Beatrix Potter classic ‘A Tale of Peter Rabbit,’ showing it in a far darker light. On this recording when young ‘Peeper’ disobeys his mother and goes into a pornographic movie house, he sees the fate of his missing father in a snuff film and is nearly killed himself. Side two features 2 Plainguet tunes about animal experimentation and mutilation for fun and profit. WARNING: This rarity contains naughty words and extremely graphic situations and may not be suitable for sensitive listeners!

Mr. Skull's Magical Eyeball Mystery Band

2001 Corpqii Music

Marc Plainguet produced, engineered, arranged, and performed all the music and vocals except…

Chris Yambar performed the vocals of the “Birthday Boy,” vocals on “Hello Skinny,” and painted the cover art.

  1. Birthday Boy (2:06)
  2. Die in Terror (1:48)
  3. Hello Skinny (2:52)
  4. Constantinople (2:23)

“This odd 4-song CD was ultra limited to 40 signed and #d copies worldwide. Hot on the heels of the F.E.S.T.E.R. - TRIBUTE TO THE RESIDENTS compilation, Marc Plainguet and Yambar dished up this 10-minute item that included Residents covers of ‘Hello Skinny,’ ‘Die In Terror,’ ‘Constantinople,’ and ‘Birthday Boy.’ Marc produced, arranged, and performed the music, while Yambar added this twisted vocals on ‘Birthday Boy’ and ‘Hello Skinny,’where he also played a giant sheet of metal. Creepy cool. Yambar also designed the Residents eyeball cover art. This CD was never intended to be sold but was created to be ‘2001 Millenium Gifts’ for their friends and clients. For awhile these were available as free MP3 downloads, but no more. A few have ended up on Ebay - you should see the prices.” (from

Compilation Appearances

F.E.S.T.E.R. - A Tribute to the Residents (2000)
07) Marc Plainguet & Chris Yambar - Birthday Boy (2:10)