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Industrial Metal

Industrial outfit Millennia gained popularity following the release of their album Null in 1996. The album featured a crunchy, industrial metal sound similar to Fear Factory or early Circle of Dust and comprised of searing guitar riffs, dark, haunting synth effects and angry, but passionate vocals by dANIEL hARVELL (aka rUINED). Issues addressed included social breakdown, drug addiction and environmental destruction.

The band subsequently dropped the guitars for a more keyboard-based, electro-industrial sound similar to Frontline Assembly or The November Commandment on tracks featured on the Flaming Fish Music's Full Frontal Lobotomy, Ballistic Test 3, and Forensics Lab: Songs From a Crime Scene compilations.

Millennia disbanded in 1999. hARVELL continued as one-man electro-industrial outfit Null Factor, while the other members formed industrial metal band AI.



1996 Cling Records

rUINED (Daniel Harvell) - Vocals, keyboards, noise

Andrew John Paul - Guitars

  1. Realize
  2. Null
  3. His Bones, the Bars
  4. [geowaste]
  5. You Anger Me
  6. Pusher/User
  7. I Am Not Your Machine