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Hard Rock?
Riverview, Florida, USA

Oasis formed in September of 1992. All members of the band were graduates of East Bay High School in their town of Riverview, Florida. After several weeks of rehearsal, the band played their first public concert in October of 1992 in a residential civic area called Summerfield near Riverview. In February of 1993 they recorded their self-titled EP at a Clearwater studio called Hurricane Pass. In the Summer of 1994, Oasis received some radio airplay on Life91 of Lakeland, Florida. At the time, Life91 was one of the largest Christian radio stations in the country.

After seeing the British band Oasis performing live on television, the band decided to change names. They decided on Aslan as the new name based on the works of C.S. Lewis. Aslan eventually changed names to Jesse's Vineyard.


1993 Oasis EP

Oasis EP

1993 Independent

Gerald Alderman - Lead vocals, guitars
Shane Akers - Guitars
DeWayne Collins - Keyboards
Bobby Marko - Bass
Mike Powell - Drums

Tracks include:

  • In the Fields
  • Love Falling
  • Waiting for Love
  • He Holds Tomorrow
  • Draw the Line
  • Love is the Reason