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Punk Rock
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Official Graydot Bio:

“One-21 was born in the latter days of 1995 in “The City Of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia. The offspring of the now deceased band, Uzziah, it started with four members: Ken Klein on Vocals, Paul Sanders (formerly with The Invaders) on guitar, Tom Manns on bass and Vince Radcliffe on drums. Kris Klein would join later on guitar. Just months after forming, One-21 recorded a ten-song demo. That recording allowed the band to contribute “This Is Our Riot” to Boot To Head Records' Trampled compilation and release a six-song seven inch for Sofa Records entitled JxIxSx, which stands for “Jehovah is Strength.” The original ten-song recording was passed along to Flying Tart Records on the “b-side” of a tape sent by Cliff Powell of The Huntingtons to the label's former manager, Alex Parker. After hearing the first four songs Parker quickly contacted the band by phone and offered them a contract. However, it was not until after negotiation with Parker at Cornerstone 95 that we chose to sign and on July 25, 1996 the contract was sealed.

One-21 appeared on Flying Tart's Starball Contribution, with the seven-inch version of “Jehovah is Strength”, on the Christmas in Heaven sampler with “Carol Of the Bells” (which was recorded at Clay Creek Studios in Delaware) and on the Memorial Sampler with “This is Our Riot” from their Flying Tart EP. The band took advantage of the Clay Creek Studios to record our first official release for Flying Tart, a seven-song EP called, In the Year King Uzziah Died. The album contained “Cooler Than You Think,” “This is Our Riot,” “Johnny,” “In the Year King Uzziah Died,” “Jehovah is Strength,” “Cleanser,” and “Front.” One-21 had begun to record a full length for Flying Tart shortly before the label folded. The band found themselves without a label home, and in possession of their biggest-budgeted, finest-sounding record to date.

Not one historically known to pass on a good thing when it comes by (Third Day, Age of Faith, Squad Five-O, L.S.U., Elder, etc.), Gray Dot Records quickly seized the opportunity to sign One-21 to an exclusive recording contract to its modern rock arm, Bulletboy Music, and agreed to release the already-recorded LP, When the Dragon is Finally Laid to Rest, as the band's first release.

Like many of their fellow bands, One-21 is a touring band, on the road for three years now. After playing birthday parties, clubs, bars, churches, backyards, etc. the band toured the country in the summer of '97. The tour was cut short due to vehicle problems, but before it was over, One-21 had played the Underground Stage, with Blaster the Rocket Boy and Focal Point at Cornerstone '97, and The Main Stage with The Supertones at The Funkduvious Festival '97 in Alberta Canada. They have also played at New York City's infamous CBGB's and in “Sin City,” Las Vegas. One-21 has shared the stage with Crashdog, The Migraines, 90 Pound Wuss, Slick Shoes, Speedy Delivery, Ghoti Hook, Left Out, The Blamed, Dogwood, Tickle Watson, Pink Daffodils, Zao, Seasons in the Field, Pensive, Strongarm, Nailed Promise, The Evicted, Redy Serve, Divinity Pose, The Huntingtons, Step Ahead, The Invaders, and many other bands.”


Unofficial Bio:

“As strange as it is to write someone else's bio, here goes. Kenny Klein and Tom Manns were in a band in 1994 called Uzziah. They played some shows, and they had a demo called Spacedog. I'm not sure how long they were together; you'd have to ask them.

At any rate, from the ashes of Uzziah, One-21 was born. This is also the origin of the name of the first EP (aside from the more obvious fact that it's a phrase from the book of Isaiah, the point of reference being a time when God began to speak to Isaiah. Sorry, too deep….).

They recorded a 10-song demo soon after they started. According to the Gray Dot Records page that is still online (for some weird reason – though I'm glad it is, b/c it has a lot of information), it was this that helped them get their song onto Boot to Head's Trampled compilation, as well as getting the JxIxSx 7-inch pressed. The original line-up was:

Kenny Klein - Vocals
Tom Manns - Bass
Paul Sanders - Guitar
Vince Radcliffe - Drums

I don't know how much later it was, but Kris Klein was to join as a second guitar player not too long after.

Eventually Paul went his way to pursue other things, and Adam Garbinski of Squad Five-0 stepped in as a temporary replacement.

Having been signed to Facedown for something like two years now, One-21 seems to be doing better than ever. The two advance tracks from Grenade on the Facedown Family Sampler are fantastic.”



1995 Demo
1996 JxIxSx Sofa Records
1997 In the Year King Uzziah Died Flying Tart Records
1998 When the Dragon is Finally Laid to Rest Gray Dot Records / Bulletproof Music
2001 One-21 Facedown Records
2003 Grenade Facedown Records



1995 Independent

10 songs


1996 Sofa Records

  1. This is Our Riot
  2. JxIxSx
  3. Hardcore
  4. Background
  5. Johnny
  6. Ship Rocks Disaster

In the Year King Uzziah Died

1997 Flying Tart Records

  1. Cooler Than You Think
  2. This is Our Riot
  3. Johnny
  4. In the Year King Uzziah Died
  5. Jehovah is Strength
  6. Cleanser
  7. Front

When the Dragon is Finally Laid to Rest

1998 Gray Dot Records / Bulletproof Music

  1. Morality
  2. Venit, Victimarius Fuit, Vicit
  3. Break Down the Walls
  4. Going Home
  5. Dragon
  6. Ship Rock Disaster
  7. Street of Philadelphia
  8. Righteousness
  9. City Violence
  10. Hardcore
  11. Accident
  12. Been Selling Out
  13. Everybody Has It
  14. We Gotta Get Out of This Place
  15. [hidden track]


2001 Facedown Records

  1. Runaway
  2. Nothing to Lose
  3. Pacified
  4. Smells Like Death
  5. Looking Out for Me
  6. Good Guys Wear White Hats and So Do Bad Guys
  7. Building Better Bombs
  8. We'll Meet Again
  9. Have We Eyes to See
  10. Peculiar Nation
  11. Shelter
  12. Made in America
  13. R.I.P. Basement Records


2003 Facedown Records

  1. Struck Down
  2. Two Sides is Fine
  3. We All Agree
  4. I Can't Wait
  5. Tour
  6. The Winning Team
  7. Ghetto Blaster
  8. Individuals
  9. Communion
  10. Giants in the Land
  11. There Shall Come A Day
  12. Bozman
  13. Struck (Reprise)