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Left Out

Punk Rock

Left Out started off as a side project for The Blamed. Led by Bryan Gray.


1996 Pride Kills Flying Tart Records
1996 Greatest Hits (never released) Flying Tart Records
1998 $erve $elf Flying Tart Records
1999 For the Working Class Grrr Records
2002 Recommended If You Like: Left Out No Scene Recordings

Pride Kills

1996 Flying Tart Records (51416-5244-2)

Bryan Gray - Bass, vocals
Jake Landrau - Guitars, vocals
Myk Porter - Guitars, vocals
Jesse Smith - Drums

Klank - Played and sang on this too

Produced by Klank
Engineered by Chris Colbert
Cover by Keith Konya
Executive Producer: Alex Parker

  1. Handicap Song (2:25)
  2. Best Friend (1:43)
  3. Pride Kills (2:13)
  4. Verbal Homicide (2:56)
  5. When We are Together (2:40)
  6. Two Girls and a Guy (2:42)
  7. Substance (3:22)
  8. Clique Rock (2:06)
  9. What I Wouldn't Do For You If I Were You (1:41)
  10. Feed Us (2:11)
  11. When You Assume (3:04)
  12. Make It Happen (2:10)
  13. Untitled (0:12)
  14. Untitled (0:09)
  15. Untitled (0:07)
  16. Untitled (0:11)
  17. Untitled (0:09)
  18. Untitled (0:20)

“By the time we recorded this album, The Blamed had finished the Frail record and was on hiatus. I actually had shows booked and had to fulfill them as Left Out and play some Blamed songs. I was living in Ohio and filling in for the band Six Feet Deep on bass and Jake Landrau (from The Blamed album 21) was writing songs with me again. So we asked Myk Porter from Six Feet Deep to play guitar. I knew he really wanted to play guitar in a band (just not this band). By the time we went to record the album we asked Jesse Smith to play drums on the album. Ae went to Nashville and recorded in Steve Taylor's sound guys' garage with Chris Colbert engineering and Klank producing. Klank was also filling in with Six Feet Deep at the time on guitar - it was rad. This album is a hot mess in all the right ways.” - Bryan Gray

Greatest Hits

1996 Flying Tart Records (never released)

Bryan Gray - Bass, vocals
Jake Landrau - Guitars, vocals
Myk Porter - Guitars, vocals
Jesse Smith - Drums

Klank - Played and sang on this too

Produced by Klank
Engineered by Chris Colbert
Artwork inspired by Keith Konya
Executive Producer: Alex Parker

  1. ??? (Monkees cover) (1:59)
  2. Soulscum (Chatterbox cover) (3:06)
  3. Twisted Reality (Circle of Dust cover) (4:41)
  4. Saturday Night (Bay City Rollers cover) (2:57)

Greatest Hits was supposed to be released on vinyl. It's the same line up from Pride Kills. We tracked 4 cover songs: a Monkees song, a Chatterbox song, a Circle of Dust song, and the Bay City Rollers. I'm not sure this was a great idea, but we did it and Mike from The Huntingtons sent me a copy so here it is.” - Bryan Gray

$erve $elf

1998 Flying Tart Records (51416-1393-2)

Bryan Gray - Guitars, vocals
Jacob Christensen - Lead guitars
Brent Kaping - Bass, vocals
Jim Chaffin - Drums

Chris Colbert - Guitars on “Rockstar” and “High School Prom King” (appeared courtesy of Duraluxe)
Cleetus Adrian - Vocals on “Real” and gave us lots of ideas
Jonathan “Not Even” Peters - Lead vocals on “I Grind My Teeth at Night”
Tracy Street - Vocals on “Fameless” and “That's Life”

Engineered and Produced by Chris Colbert
Additional Vocal Production by Steve Hindalong
Co-Produced by Jacob
Executive Producer: Alex Parker
Art And Layout Noah Krogh

  1. Fameless (3:31)
  2. Real (2:37)
  3. Suicide (1:56)
  4. XX 1 Once Was Blind XX (2:24)
  5. Rockstar (2:34)
  6. High School Prom King vs. The Phys. Ed. Skins (2:47)
  7. Still (4:09)
  8. That's Life (3:10)
  9. Airhead (2:19)
  10. I Grind My Teeth at Night (2:35)
  11. Cereal Killer (5:57)

$erve $elf was the follow up to Pride Kills. I had moved back to California and I had been playing shows with new line up: Brent Kaping on bass and various drummers filling in. Live we had played with Jim Chaffin from The Blamed and toured with Jacob Christiansen from Sometime Sunday on drums. We went to Neverland Studios in Nashville and recorded with Chris Colbert engineering and Steve Hindalong helping to produce the vocals. Jim played drums and Jacob played a bunch of lead guitars. A bunch of our friends came out from Texas and Oklahoma. I think this record has a production vibe like nothing I have ever done” - Bryan Gray

For the Working Class

1999 Grrr Records (GRD3529)

  1. Telling Yourself the Truth About You (1:31)
  2. Time To Kill (2:24)
  3. Wasted (3:01)
  4. What the Song's About (2:11)
  5. Getting Away With Killing You and Everyone (3:51)
  6. Leave Me Alone (2:47)
  7. Contentment (2:15)
  8. Hindsight or Clarity (3:20)
  9. Another Song About Sarah (4:44)
  10. Oh God (2:05)
  11. Foil (2:34)
  12. Sweatshops (2:53)
  13. Lose What Was Never Yours (5:25)
  14. Fury 101 (1:41)
  15. Step Up to the Mic! (4:11)

2002 No Scene Recordings

Bryan Gray - Guitars, vocals
Jeff Locke - Bass, vocals
Donnie Anderson - Drums, vocals

Jason Seiler - Guitar, vocals on “Geoffe”; wrote “What Money Didn't Do”
Brent Kaping - Bass on “Geoffe”
Unknown person - Drums on “Geoffe”

Recorded by Ed Bialach and Left Out on the the 3rd floor of the Wilson Building

“Two of My Favorite Instruments” was an outtake from The Blamed's Isolated Incident album, with Matt Switaj and Marco Storm from Selfmindead.

  1. What Money Didn't Do (2:24)
  2. I Don't Know How to Dance (2:12)
  3. Break My Eyes (1:56)
  4. Dead With Nothingness (2:11)
  5. You Complete Me (2:24)
  6. Strike the Air (2:34)
  7. Hangin' W/ Me Myself and I (3:07)
  8. Prey by the Lake (3:11)
  9. For Leah (3:58)
  10. Two of My Favorite Instruments (2:24)
  11. Geoffe (2:53)

Recommended If You Like is the 4th Left Out record, in The Blamed / Left Out timeline we had merged the two bands in what would become the second wave of The Blamed (as Jesse from The Satire calls it). After all of it's touring I was getting an occasional offer to do a Left Out show. I was playing with Jeff Locke and Donnie Anderson, so we wrote and recorded and self released a limited number of this record on CD. Some people have told me over the years that this is their favorite left out record. I hope you enjoy it.” - Bryan Gray

(This isn't Bryan's favorite Left Out record)

Compilation Appearances

Starball Contribution (1996 Flying Tart Records)
16) Saturday Night (cover of Bay City Rollers) (3:02)

Punk at 1600 (1997 Whitehouse Records)
08) Why?

Underground 202A (1999 M&M Records)
13) What Mary Didn't Do

Lost Lonely Vicious (1999 Boot to Head Records)
10) xSxAxLxEx (4:34)

“'xSxAxLxEx' was originally recorded for a Boot to Head Records comp. That label doesn't get enough credit for being a true underground christian label that was instrumental to the christian punk scene. It was so rad to be a part of their comp. Also this song is a duet with One-21. probably one of the most rock and roll songs I have ever recorded.” - Bryan Gray

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