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Peter Gee

Progressive Rock
England, United Kingdom

“How does the son of a Church of England vicar become a member of a progressive rock band? Maybe a question better left for Pete himself, but ever since joining Pendragon he's become a highly respected bassist who anchors the rhythm section for the band, and manages to make a little room for side projects.

Growing up in Stroud, Peter was influenced at an early age by bands as varied as Camel and Genesis, to Steely Dan. Peter came to know Pendragon founder, Nick Barret, through his brother and they still remain good friends. Peter was asked to join Pendragon originally to replace the departed Julian on guitar, but moved over to bass when Robert (Dobs) Dolby left the band.

As a committed Christian, Peter's music is primarily faith-based. Heart of David was his first album in 1993 with Peter showcasing his musical talents on a variety of instruments, but leaving the lead vocals to others. Additionally, a lot of friends (some staples in progressive music) help out on this. Buddies from Pendragon make appearances, along with Ian Salmon and Karl Groom. Unfortunately, the debut is out-of-print.

4 years later we get Visions of Angels. The players are a bit more concentrated, with Steve Christy (John Wetton; Jadis) on drums, Ian Salmon on guitar, Pendragon's own Clive Nolan and Nick Barrett helping out, and Simon Klew on primary vocals. Peter is currently working on his 3rd solo album with Steve Thorne on vocals.

Aside from his music career, Peter has penned two books about his Christian faith. He somehow juggles all of this while maintaining his full-time job with social services in Gloucester and resides back in Stroud.” (From the Dead Parrot Records eBay description:

Also a member of Mercy Train.


1991 Calvary
1993 Heart of David SI Music
1997 A Vision of Angels Toff Records


1991 Independent

Heart of David

1993 SI Music

  1. Angel Song (2:55)
  2. Walking By Night (4:30)
  3. You Bring The Rain (6:20)
  4. Unspoken Words (4:34)
  5. Forever (3:39)
  6. Crying On The Inside (6:28)
  7. Heart Of David (2:11)
  8. The Enemy Within (2:49)
  9. On Broken Wings (4:44)
  10. Water's Edge (6:18)
  11. Beyond Ourselves (3:13)
  12. Kingdom Come (2:26)
  13. Voices In The Dark (5:09)
  14. The Everlasting Arms (6:22)

“This album was my first official solo album, released in 1993 - although I had previously recorded several songs on a 4 track portastudio - which have never been released – and a cassette album of Christian worship songs called Calvary in 1991. Heart of David was originally released on SI Music in Holland in 1993.” (from

A Vision of Angels

1997 Toff Records

  1. Always (10:12)
  2. Heart's Desire (6:43)
  3. Lost And Found (6:13)
  4. Faith (3:53)
  5. Never Could Say Goodbye (5:09)
  6. Orphans (All Alone In The World) (8:56)
  7. Foreign Land (2:42)
  8. Jordan (9:12)
  9. I Believe In Love (3:53)

“This is my second official solo album, recorded at Halfway Houses Studio, Maidenhead, released in 1997 on Toff Records. As with Heart of David, I did the cover paintings myself.” This is my second official solo album, recorded at Halfway Houses Studio

This CD opens with bird song followed by a piece of piano, subtly introducing “Always”. The 9 songs of this album are full of emotions, melodies and Passion. Sometimes, we can be found listening to it reverently too. The warm and deep voice of Simon Clew (A Million Blues) has a sound a la Steve Hogarth (Marillion), Mark Hollis (Talk Talk) or Andy Latimer (Camel) too. Musically it can be said some flavours are from several musical horizons like A Million Blues, Marillion (with H.), early Genesis, Steely Dan, Pat Metheny, Pendragon and Camel without forgetting Heart of David, Peter's first solo album. Shivers are guaranteed under the charm of Tina Riley's backing vocals and the harrowing solos of Nick Barrett and Clive Nolan's keyboards (Peter's accomplices in Pendragon). All the songs are written by Peter Gee who plays not only fretless and fretted basses but keyboards and guitars too. He shows here another style and a complementary musical approach which is different to the one he uses in Pendragon. The difference between this CD and his first solo album is that a real band has rallied round him, with the musicians mentioned above, Steve Christey on drums (Jadis) and Ian Salmon on guitars (Shadowland/Arena). The result is magnificent and more emotional and sensitive too.“ (from