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Point Blank

Punk Rock
San Diego, California, USA

Point Blank originally went by “Pontius Pilate & The Pious Punks.” They formed in 1983 when Bill Power started a band with Mitch Wilson - one of his youth leaders at their Church. They originally had a guitarist named Kevin and a drummer named Ray. The band used to put on shows in the basement of their Church. They recorded a demo tape in 1986, which they sent to various fanzines. Through reviews, interviews, and write-ups in those outlets, Power met Mark Salomon. Salomon had just started The Crucified. Pontius Pilate & The Pious Punks changed our name to Point Blank and toured up to Fresno to open the very first show for The Crucified in April of 1986. At some point, their demo was changed over to a Point Blank demo. When Power graduated high school 1987, he joined the Army to be in the Army Band. This was the end of Point Blank.

When Power got out of the Army in 1990, his family had moved to Seattle, so he moved there as well. He started studying in music business program at the Art Institute of Seattle. Power also formed Ashes to Ashes before joining Gloria. He went on to form Blenderhead in 1993.


1985 Awakening the Sleepers: Live at the Vineyard
1986 '86
1986? Live Demo

Awakening the Sleepers: Live at the Vineyard

1985 Independent

Mitch Wilson - Vocals, guitar
Bill Powers - Bass
Barry Johnson - Drums

  1. God's Not Dead
  2. (band introductions)
  3. Don't Fight
  4. No More Blood
  5. Where Will You Be
  6. Blindman
  7. Remember Me
  8. You Decide


1986 Independent

Mitch Wilson
Bill Powers

  1. (Don’t You Be a) Pious Punk
  2. He’s Calling You
  3. What’s So Fun About Getting Drunk
  4. God’s Not Dead
  5. Raining in Paradice
  6. What is a Human Being
  7. Scared Stiff
  8. Got to Create
  9. No More Blood
  10. Don’t Fight
  11. You Decide
  12. Baby in a Bottle
  13. I See You Devil
  14. Amen

Live Demo

1986? Independent

  1. Raining in Paradise
  2. What is a Human Being?
  3. Scared Stiff
  4. Don't be a Pious Punk
  5. You Decide
  6. Don’t Fight
  7. (preaching)
  8. Gotta Create
  9. He's Calling You
  10. Don't Try Suicide
  11. N.M.B.
  12. Baby in a Bottle
  13. I See You Devil
  14. Amen

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