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Ashes to Ashes

Alternative Rock
Seattle, Washington, USA

Samuel E. Vance formed Ashes to Ashes with Bill Power of Point Blank / Blenderhead fame after Power finished his military service and moved to Seattle in 1990. They met at a music store because Vance was wearing a shirt from The Crucified. They recorded a four song demo before Power quit the band joined another band called Gloria. The Power-less band recorded one track for the Songs From the Rain Factory Volume 1 compilation on Power's Fearless Donkey.


1991 Demo


1991 Independent

(4 songs)

Compilation Appearances

Songs From the Rain Factory Volume 1 (1992 Fearless Donkey)
05) Ophelia Gone Mad (6:02)

Samuel E. Vance - Lead vocals, bass
Gordon Lee - Electric guitar, steel guitar, classical guitar
Kevin McGlothan - Percussion

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