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Randy Dyer

Acoustic Rock
Canton, Ohio, USA

Dyer was previously in a band called Created Image with Jim Wells of Ozmathoq.


1989 as “Randy Dyer's Diamond Child” Created Image The Furnace Room
1991 as “Randy Dyer” Diamond Child Corpqii Productions

Created Image / Diamond Child

1989 The Furnace Room
1991 Corpqii Productions (CPCS-15)

Randy Dyer - Vocals, guitars, drum machine

Jim Wells (of Ozmathoq) - Drums on “DC”
Charlie Smith - Bass on “DC”

  1. Storms
  2. He's Callin'
  3. DC
  4. Lady Diamond

“This cassette only Corpqii Productions release by acoustic rocker Dyer was put together by Yambar in minutes so that Randy could have a cover to sell with his tapes during a live performance. With no time to think, Yambar grabbed the image you see here and whipped added some scratch on lettering. Years later it was discovered that the image was from a photo of the late U.S. President Gerald Ford as a baby who somehow managed to live longer than President Ronald Reagan. It should also be noted that Ford tended to fall down a lot.” (from