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Rocks in Pink Cement

Hardcore Punk
Pleasonton, California, USA

Bryan Gray went on to start The Blamed and Left Out.


1991 Live ACM Journal
1992 Good Chief Sohcahtoa in the Eternal Question


1991 ACM Journal

Kurt Hartz - Lead vocals
Justin Winokar - Lead guitar, BGV
Velcro-Shag - Lead guitar, BGV
Bryan Gray - Bass guitar, BGV
Dylan Brown - Drums

  1. Rock & Roll (Part II)
  2. Please
  3. Don't Question Me
  4. Help Yourself
  5. Pez
  6. I Don't Know
  7. From Me to Y ou
  8. The World Is Square
  9. But (Excuses)
  10. Skate & Procrastinate

Good Chief Sohcahtoa in the Eternal Question

1992 Independent

  1. Don't Question Me
  2. But (No Excuses Bryan)
  3. Please
  4. Uriam
  5. Buy New Shoes

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