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Skin Deep

Garage Rock
Tempe, Arizona, USA

Early band with Ted Worthless and Dave Baker around the same time they were also a part of the first No Laughing Matter tape. “Around 1987 in Tempe, Arizona, there was a band called Skin Deep. We wrote some songs and played out a couple of times, and recorded a demo on a 4-track cassette recorder. It was a fun summer, and here are the songs for you to enjoy!”


1987 Demo


1987 Independent

Mitzi Melville - Vocals
Theodore Munk (Ted Worthless) - Guitar
Marc Oxborrow - Bass
Dave Baker - Drums

  1. Buffalo
  2. No Clear Skies
  3. Jah (and Our Theory Of The Universe)
  4. Pretty
  5. Cajun Spiced Potatoes
  6. Butterfly
  7. Instrumental
  8. Which Needle Is Mine, Mon?