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The Chant

New Wave
California, USA

Ronnie (Dance House Children, Joy Electric) and Jason (Dance House Children, Starflyer 59) Martin decided to form a new wave rock band after Two Lads. They got their friend Randi Lamb (Morella’s Forest 1988, Deer / Dear) to join them on bass. The original name of the band was 'Chant of the Flowered Underground' until they shortened it to just The Chant. They recorded one demo.

Lamb got their demo into the hands of Greg Strange of Narrowpath Records. There was even an announcement in the July 1989 issue of The Cutting Edge (probably written several months before July) of an upcoming release on Narrowpath Records by The Chant. But before they were officially signed, they changed names to Morella’s Forest 1988 and recorded one more demo under that name.


1988 Demo


1988 Independent

Ronnie Martin - Vocals, guitar
Randi Lamb - Bass guitar
Jason Martin - Drums

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