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The Noiz Boyz

Heavy Metal
Wetmore, Texas, USA

Some sources state that this was Roxalt doing a one-off project under a different name. At least three different releases with different song orders have surfaced, however. One of these tapes does have the members of Roxalt attached.

At some point, Robert Wells and Evan St. James were said to be part of the band as well. Evan St. James joined TNK in 1989.

One of their songs was played on Jeani Bond's New Generation radio show - it was an untitled song about cults ringing the doorbell - possibly “Attack of the Cults.”


1987 Neighborhood Rock
198? Cable Heavy Rock
1988 Noiz Boyz

Neighborhood Rock

1987 Independent

Robert Wells

  1. Noiz Boyz
  2. Block Party
  3. 95 Degrees in the Shade
  4. Mars Hill
  5. Oh No!!!

This tape was said to be “the concept of Ratt and the Beastie Boys go spiritual” in the August 1987 issue of The Cutting Edge. The band had apparently been together for two weeks when they recorded it.

Cable Heavy Rock

198? Independent

  1. Noiz Boys
  2. Block Party
  3. 95° in the Shade
  4. Oh No, It's Me

Noiz Boyz

1988 Independent

Keith Wells - Vocals
Ray Gonzales - Guitar
Mike Wells - Bass
Jim Brandt - Drums

  1. Noiz Boyz
  2. Block Party
  3. 95 Degrees in the Shade
  4. Mars Hill
  5. Oh No, It Is Me
  6. You Are
  7. Attack of the Cults
  8. Fluff (instrumental)
  9. Noiz Boyz (reprise)

“Raw, fun party feeling hard rock with silliness mixed in - including Christian lyrics at times. No cover art was included - it was simply low budget and fun.”