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Heavy Metal
San Antonio, Texas, USA

Phil Galicia went on to play with Paradox. Evan St. James was formerly in a band called The Noiz Boyz before joining TNK in 1989.


The Noble Knights

1986 Independent

Fermin Rue - Vocals
Ray Ronzoni - Guitar
Phil Galicia - Bass
Myke Connell - Drums

  1. White Knights
  2. Break Away
  3. Light Speed
  4. Voices
  5. Journey

Sara's Callin'

1989 Indepoednet

Evan St. James - Lead vocals
Ray Ronzonni - Guitar, background vocals
Kenneth Steele - Bass, background vocals
Myke Connell - Drums

  1. Hold on Me
  2. Sara's Callin'
  3. Tomorrow
  4. Let Me Entertain You
  5. Tears of Gethsemane