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The Strait Tapes

Year: 1985?
Genre: Alternative Rock, Rock, Pop, Folk, Heavy Metal
Location: London, England, United Kingdom

The Strait Tapes was a compilation series of (at least) three volumes that seems to be pretty obscure. They are connected with the Strait Newspaper/Magazine out of London (which was the bi-monthly magazine connected to the Greenbelt Festival in England). There is no date given on any of three volumes. This series of tapes contained songs from already released albums along side pre-release songs and unreleased tracks by known and underground bands.

Volume 1 Track Listing

  1. Larry Norman – “If You Don’t Love the Lord” (early version, later released on Rehearsal 4 Reality, 1986 Royal Music)
  2. Robin Lane – “Hard Cover” (from Heart Connection EP, 1984 Recon Records)
  3. Steve Turner – “I Look Down” (previously unreleased)
  4. Philip Bailey – “The Wonders of His Love” (from The Wonders of His Love, 1984 Myrrh Records)
  5. Jump the Nile – “Innocence Abroad” (previously unreleased)
  6. Ring of Fire – “Brave Men Cry” (previously unreleased)
  7. Bruce Cockburn – “In the Falling Dark” (from In the Falling Dark, 1976 True North Records)
  8. Maria Muldaur – “There’s Gonna be the Devil to Pay” (from Sweet and Slow, 1983 Spindrift)
  9. Randy Stonehill – “Everything But Love” (from Stonehill, 1985 Street Tunes)
  10. Press Any Key – “Whistle on the Wind” (early version, later released on Whisper in the Wind, 1987 Marshall Pickering Records)
  11. Garth Hewitt – “Red Hot and Cooking” (b-side to The Hungry Wind single, 1982 Blue Moon Records)
  12. Interface – “Memories” (from Memories, 1984 Embryo Arts)

Volume 2 Track Listing

  1. Garth Hewitt – “Oscar Romero” (from Alien Brain, 1985 Myrrh Records)
  2. Mark Heard – “Victims of the Age” (from Victims of the Age, 1982 Home Sweet Home Records)
  3. Daniel Amos – “Home Permanent” (from Vox Humana, 1984 Refuge Records)
  4. Sheila Walsh – “Send Me” (from Don’t Hide Your Heart, 1985 Sparrow Records)
  5. Randy Stonehill – “Love Beyond Reason” (from Love Beyond Reason, 1985 Myrrh Records)
  6. Paul Field – “Valley of Dry Bones” (from Visions, 1985 Myrrh Records)
  7. Larry Norman – “Iron and Steel” (from Quiet Night, 1984 Phydeaux Records)
  8. The Fat Band – “Kansas City” (from The Fat Band 7-inch, 1983 Street Tunes)
  9. Steve Scott – “Sound of Waves” (12” mix) (special 12” mix not available elsewhere)
  10. Passion Polka – “Fighting Alone” (extended dance remix of an unreleased track)
  11. Charlie Peacock – “Lie Down in the Grass” (from Lie Down in the Grass, 1985 Exit Records)
  12. Phil and John – “The Wasted Years” (extended remixed version of a song from Count Me Out, 1983 Kingsway Music)
  13. Xtras – “Don’t Look Back” (previously unreleased)
  14. Pieces – “Robot System” (from Face 2 Face, 1985 Pila Music)
  15. Leslie Phillips – “Give’em All You Got” (from Dancing with Danger, 1984 Myrrh Records)
  16. The Front – “It’s Hard to Take” (from The Front, 1985 Benson Records)
  17. Avalon – “Flags” (previously unreleased)
  18. First Strike – “Loneliness Kills” (from Rock of Offense, 1984 Exit Records)

Volume 3 Track Listing

  1. The 77s – “The Lust, The Flesh, The Eyes, and The Pride of Life” (demo version, eventually released on The 77s, 1987 Exit Records)
  2. Talking Drums – “You Do Cry a Lot” (from Reassembly, 1985 Sticky Music)
  3. Maldwyn Pope – “Reunion of the Heart” (unreleased)
  4. Bryan McGlynn – “Soul Doctor” (from The Vital Spark, 1985 Sticky Music)
  5. The Good Guys – “Still a Mistake” (from A System of Grooves, 1984 Atypical Records)
  6. Charlie Peacock – “Down in the Lowlands” (from Charlie Peacock, 1986 Exit Records)
  7. Trade Secret – “With or Without You” (from upcoming release Trade Secret, 1987 Edge Records)
  8. One A.M. – “Over and Over” (previously unreleased)
  9. Mike Starkey – “I Became a Johnson’s Baby” (from The Rhythm Method compilation, year unknown)
  10. Vector – “America” (from Please Stand By, 1985 Exit Records)
  11. Denice Williams – “Straight Ahead” (from So Glad I Know, 1986 Sparrow Records)
  12. The Refuseniks – “Quiet Time” (unreleased, unrecorded, and just a few seconds of silence apparently)
  13. Terry Scott Taylor – “Old Time Gospel Camp Meeting Hour” (from Knowledge and Innocence, 1986 Shadow Records)
  14. Bruce Cockburn – “Wondering Where the Lions Are” (from Dancing in the Dragons Jaw, 1979 True North)
  15. Steve Scott – “Not a Pretty Picture” (from the unreleased Emotional Tourist album, 1986 Exit Records)
  16. Jump the Nile – “Proud to be a Warrior” (unreleased demo)
  17. First Strike – “Power” (unreleased label demo version)
  18. Bryan McGlynn – “Stranger at the Party” (from The Vital Spark, 1985 Sticky Music)