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Unicks Face

Industrial / Gothic
St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Rick Mester (Sombrance, Ishur Ninku, Cauldron of Puke) was the creator of the Unicks Face. Todd Hurt is the second half of the band. Also joining the band are Wade Baird of Sombrance and Jimmy P. Brown II of Deliverance.

Rick Mester - Guitars, vocals, programming, bass, percussion, keyboards, noise
Todd Hurt - Programming, bass, guitar, percussion
Wade Baird - Guitars, programming, bass, noise
Jimmy P. Brown II - Guitars, programming, vocals


200? Fake Blood
200? Biological Messaging System
2003 Stupid Humans

Fake Blood

200? Independent

Biological Messaging System

200? Independent

Stupid Humans

2003 Independent

Rick Mester - Guitars, programming, synths, bass, vocals, and assorted noises
Todd Hurt - Drums, programming, synths, guitars, vocals
Jimmy P. Brown II - Guitars

  1. Wrong Building (Mester)
  2. Neurosis (Hurt)
  3. Stolen (Mester)
  4. So Far Away (Mester)
  5. Crush (Mester)
  6. Zodiac (Mester)
  7. Grinder (Hurt)
  8. 7129 (Mester)
  9. Afghan Diaries (Mester)
  10. Jihad (Mester)