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Can You Handle the Truth?

“Without vision, the people perish.” Or another way to put it: Without a clear vision of what to do, the loonies will come in and force their agenda. This is exactly what is happening with the homosexuality issue in the church: few want to deal with it, so the loonies like the “God Hates Fags” movement rush in to fill the void. I am completely convinced that God hates the spirit behind the people that promote such hatred. But since the church won’t deal with the issue – sometimes even pretending that it doesn’t exist – we have to deal with the extreme whackos.

The Bible challenges everyone to change and grow – so to just say that “we are who we are and there is nothing we can do about it” doesn’t agree with about half of the scriptures out there. But the whole “can’t you just stop sinning and being gay?” philosophy hasn’t ever worked for anyone, either.

We don’t have the answers. We just want to raise the question. You might come to a very different conclusion than we would. That is okay. The important thing is to think and talk and engage an issue instead of ignoring it.

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3 Responses

  1. Don Osborn

    Thanks for much for this issue (homosexuality). Kudos to the interviewees for being so honest. I am pretty much with Doug these days as far as Christianity. It just doesn’t work for me any more. It was wonderful reading all of these interviews. cheers. Don.

  2. Bill

    Thanks for the amazing interviews. It was very cool to hear some of the history a 16 year old kid from MI couldn’t hear back in the day. I was one of the few that grabbed “Holes.” I too wondered what happened to Ric.

    I do have a few statments to add to the “conversation” The Bible is clear on homosexuailty. It is a sin. The truth that Heterosexuals sin by having sex outside of marriage doesn’t change the fact that ANY KIND of sex outside of the God ordained BIBLICAL institue of Man, Woman marriage is wrong.

    Has the curch done a horrible job of dealing with sexuality period? YES. Has it hurt and been carless and flipant with those struggling with homosexuality? YES. But that is not an excuse to continue in sin. What keeps getting left out of this homsexuality and the church conversation is the power of the Holy Spirit to change people and make them whole and to restore every aspect of humanity. That includes Human sexuality. If the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead truley lives in you then how can that same Spirit not be powerful enough to restore you to God’s intended sexual role and orientation?

    If The living God in you is not strong enough to do that then He was not powerful enough to raise from the dead and there is no point to the Christian faith. We should then for our own sakes get on with our lives and forget this stupid Jesus thing.

    The trend these days is to bash or critisize restoration ministries and or counseling, becauae they are harmful and insensitive. The prevailing wisdom fo the experts today is that Gay people can’t change. Says Who? Fi Jesus came to restore and reconcile ALL aspects of creation to God (indluding sexuality) then Who are th “experts of man” to say that He can’t.

    As usual the answer might be found in the middle. The church has swept the gay issue under the carpet in the past and handled it poorly. With out love or Compassion. However I strongly suggest that the new treand of God accepts my gayness and wants me to be happy in a monogomous gay marriage isn’t any closer to the truth either. God does want you to be happy, and in His wisdom He has provided a way for you to be happy. But when He said PICK UP YOUR CROSS DENY YOURSELF AND FOLLOW ME He never once suggested it was going to be an easy thing to do.

    dUg, Sean and Ric I love you, my heart breaks for you(Sean, your story ripped my heart out) and I am praying for you. Right now.

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