Holes In The Floor Of Heaven by Ric Alba

This is one of those records that was very defining for me as a teenager. I clearly remember getting it as a cassette, and I remember being blown away for a couple of reasons. I was stunned at the lyrical poetry that was inside, and I was excited at how different it was musically when compared to the Altar Boys (which was where I was familiar with Ric up until that point). I think this ranks in my top ten albums of the 90’s because it is so emotionally raw and honest that I can still be moved dramatically when listening to it. That’s what makes music great in my opinion. This was a cathartic record for me due to the lyrical content, and I think that mood and the images shared are so intense that the listener cannot help but be moved by them.

The players on here are well known in the music world: next to Ric there was Steve Hindalong, Derri Daugherty, Rob Watson and Greg Flesch. This one didn’t seem to get enough exposure when it came out, and if interested you will have to search eBay for it now because it’s not available anywhere at this point. Musically it doesn’t fit any one category, I understand the comparisons to The Cure that I have often heard, especially in songs like “Hold My Hand” and “Laughter.” There are also more stripped down tracks that really allow Ric’s vocals to shine like “Heaven (prelude),” “In The Heart Of God” and “See You In Person.” All in all the disc is varied musically, but the music provides a beautiful vehicle for the lyrics which at times feel like an exorcism, an admission or a truly “heart on the sleeve” cry for acceptance of oneself. This is a brilliant release that still holds up well after almost 20 years – find one and get it!

[1991 Glasshouse | Purchase: Ebay]

  1. I bought this album in the clearance section in 93, mainly because I heard “Truly Helpless” on a late night christian rock radio show. While the rest of the album has a very dated feel to it, I can still play “Truly Helpless” and have a room full of people start talking quiter or not at all as they start to listen. It really is a shame that Ric Alba never released another cd.

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