Wovenhand – The Laughing Stalk

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Fans of Wovenhand know what to expect from David Eugene Edwards and company: Gothic Alternative Americana weirdness at its best. Every album from Wovenhand seems to retain the same feel while offering up some new twists that really fit well. But at its core, this is music that has to be experienced on vinyl… and Sounds Familyre rewards those who listen correctly with another beautiful record package. The letterpress cover is a sight to behold in itself – simple yet beautiful. The record also comes with a CD and digital download, so you get it all. “In the Temple” was released as an early sample of the album, and also serves as an example of one of those tracks that seem a bit different from past albums (at least to newer fans like me). At first, I wasn’t sure if I liked this track, but after hearing it in context of the whole album, I have grown to love it. The whole album is solid from start to finish, like their past albums, so don’t let this one pass you by.

[2012 Sounds Familyre | Purchase: soundsfamilyre.com]

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  1. I love Wovenhand from getting into them via 16 Horsepower. I’m not religious but I really dig that gothic vibe. My experience of their albums has been shotgun blast. First album was Consider the Birds, which I love. I also dig Blush. Others haven’t (yet) really got me super-enthused although I don’t dislike the sound. And so I got a cheap vinyl copy of The Laughing Stalk over Christmas not expecting a lot. But I absolutely love the up-paced rock approach it takes. In my mind I am trying to work out is there a common thread by the three albums I now favour. Blush and Consider the birds are fairly slow and sparse. The Laughing Stalk is sparse and dense. I am in Ireland and have never met another Wovenhand (or 16 Horsepower) fan so if any here want to share thoughts and experiences, I am all ears. Plan to try and finally see this great band in 2024.

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