RB Brown – Six

Six is a nine song album written and performed by RB Brown in 1997 but not released until 2019. RB Brown was a member of the Australian band The Crux, who changed names to Sal Paradise and released albums with Tooth & Nail Records and Velvet Blue Music. This album was apparently recorded in 1997 and then lost until Pop.Vox.Music was able to rescue it from obscurity and release it this year. The sound is an interesting mixture of moody, acoustic, indie, piano, drums, alternative, bass, harmonica, and a few other instruments mixed in. Overall the music is acoustic, but there are songs like “Six” and “Anywhere” that have a full band sound. Other songs like “Bus Trip to Melbourne” and “I Loved You Once” are acoustic guitar and harmonica or piano. but there are also piano-based tunes like “Those Red Mournful Lips” and “Late Afternoons in the Company of Mr. Cohen” (which is actually a simple but effective piano-only instrumental). Its a good mixture that keeps the album interesting from beginning to end.

[2019 Pop.Vox.Music | Purchase: https://popvoxmusic.com/product/six/]

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