Prayer Flags – Prayer Flags

Well, we missed the boat on this one. We reported way back in January of 2014 that Mark Robertson of Legendary Shack Shakers / This Train / Under Midnight / Altar Boys / The Stand / etc fame had started a new “noisy poppy post punk” band called Prayer Flags. Well, in September 2017 they actually did release an album… and we missed it somehow. Argh. Turns out it is on BandCamp for you to listen to and purchase digital files, or grab a nice looking vinyl version (just got one myself, so I know they still have some). Sorry Mark! Noisy poppy post punk is a good place to start describing it. There are some electronic elements and samples, as well as some experimental parts and structures. Which all makes it sound a bit like a combination of Mark’s above mentioned bands… which it kind of is, but really isn’t. But I would say that if you like any of Mark’s work with any other bands, then check this out.

[2017 File 13 Records | Purchase:]

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